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Don't you bid to be the next overfed work in pornography? I pushed it open and then walked to the second gate and was buzzed in. At the top of the stairs there was a small waiting room with several guys sitting in chairs despite it only being I took a seat to wait my turn and then a gentlemen that manages the shop came out to ask the guys if they preferred a particular girl or wanted to see them all. I couple of guys had their favorites and the manager would bring out those girls. For everyone else the girls would come out one by one and walk over to each guy to shake hands and tell you their name.

This club was profitable with both lugs and effects. Bright is a basic wealth ok knowledge in this threshold!. One of the transactions of the agreement hurt outlet of growth a taxi for me.

The girls were scantily dressed Cpme tight shorts and bikini tops or very short miniskirts that Come to me place tonight for some deepthroat in medellin off the curves of their asses as they walked. This place was busy as a downtown bus station! Man oh man! Eventually the manager asked me if I wanted a particular girl. I just told him I spoke little Spanish and to bring out all the girls for medellim to see. A couple of minutes ,e the girls start their parade. I medellni to say I was very impressed with the overall quality and beauty of the girls.

All of the girls I talked to were between 20 to 25 years old. Beautiful ,e, nice inn and hot, sexy clothes. I ended up picking a 22 soke old spinner with a waist not much bigger than my thigh. She was wearing a crop top that showed off her flat stomach which I love. After I had chosen the girl she goes off to get her basket of fonight supplies and then leads fog to small room with a single massage bed and shower. Not that her massage skills were that great but her attention to details for the special part of the service was just great. When the massage was complete we shower and get dressed. Then the girl walks me to the cashier to tell him that our session lasted 30 minutes.

Oh hell yes! I gave the massage girl a 10, peso tip for the great service she did and then I went in search of another nearby massage shop. When I got to the second location I rang the buzzer and waited but no one opened the door. My guess is that all the girls had customers. I pressed a buzzer and a girl opens the door deeptyroat I follow her inside. There was only one guy inside in the waiting area. It turns out that he was an American too. We chatted and they brought out the girls. Oh boy! This was a hardcore ugly group of girls. Ugly bodies, ugly faces, too much junk in the trunk or they looked like heroin addicts.

Seriously they should be tipping the guys to sit there and even look at them. The other guy said no thanks and walked out and I quickly paid for my bottle of water and did the same. At this point I decided what the hell. I knew they had above average quality girls working there and there were many to choose from. But first I stopped at a local open air restaurant on the corner to order some chicken, fries and a bottle of tea for lunch. After I had recharged my batteries I made the short walk back to the first massage shop. I smiled at the managed and he brought out the girls again.

This time I chose a cute 19 year old girl in a mini-skirt. I asked her how many customers had she given massages to that morning? How many more customers would she service by closing time at 7pm? Ten guys a day just for this one girl! Knowing that also provided me with extra motivation to make sure that I kept suited up as it were. How was your day? The time was now 3: I had a hell of a time getting a taxi. The first two drivers turned me down when I told them where I wanted to go. The 3rd taxi driver said yes and he was a good one. Well this driver knew what he was doing. He had me back at my hotel in 10 minutes! How did you do that?

After I paid the driver I walked over to a burger and fries restaurant and got this big thick hamburger with fries for 16, pesos. I mean this burger must have been a half pound of beef! After my meal I headed to the mini-mart to buy an energy drink. I was tired and I needed an extra boost if I was going clubbing late that night. When one girl gets off the stage another girl should be ready to get up there. In this club only 1 girl at a time would take the stage. He was with a couple of other friends that shared the same interest in beautiful chicas so we headed to the second strip club located next door. This club was packed with both guys and girls!

The club is pretty basic and only one girl danced at a time. Like the clubs from the previous night you have the strippers and then sideline girls in mini-skirts that are available to go to a short time room upstairs from the club. One bad thing was there was no air-conditioning and with the crowd it was hot and humid inside. But the overall talent on tap was certainly a big plus. We had just one drink and my Facebook contact invited me to hang with him and his friends to visit a nearby upscale club. You reach in past the steel bars to find a hidden button to ring a buzzer. A minute later someone comes out to ask what you want.

Jonesie spoke fluent Spanish so that was a big help. The other guy with us wanted a girl so the lady made some calls and told us to wait. About 30 minutes later 2 very, very attractive 20 year old girls arrive. The other guy selected the same cutie that I would have and she walks him off to a room upstairs. Jonesie and I grab a taxi back to the strip club that we had just come from earlier. When I got back to the strip club it was so crowded that it was standing room only so I decided to leave and head to Sixttina disco located in the upscale area of Rio Sur.

Sixttina is located on the 7th floor along with several other bars and discos. There is even a club called Bangkok.

Medellin deepthroat place tonight Come to in me for some

That made me Coome. The cover charge for Sixttina is 20, Pesos and be sure to dress nice as they have a dress code. I did a quick tour of the clubs and then headed out to the street. There was one more strip club near my hotel that I wanted to hit and fof were open until 4am. They definitely had some girls with bodies so hot that they would wake a man out of a coma. I stayed until 2am and then got a taxi back to my hotel. Day 3: Tonoght was Saturday morning, day 3 of my trip to Medellin and I wanted to get an early start on visiting a massage shop casa.

First I ate a very large plate of scrambled eggs for breakfast in depthroat hotel restaurant. By 10am I was flagging a taxi. When I got to the massage shop casa there was only one other guy in the waiting lounge area. I took a seat and the manager brought the girls in to introduce themselves one at a time. This one girl with blond hair was super cute but the other guy that was there before me had first choice. Who does he pick? The cute blond of course! That was going to be my choice too! I ended up choosing one of the girls that I had give me a massage the day before.

Nothing wrong with picking a proven performer. When we finished 30 minutes later my bill came to 45, pesos. I decided since it was early to go for a round with another chica. By this time all the girls had customers except for one. A super pretty 20 year old girl named Maria with big silicone tits and a curvy ass. As a bonus she also had a beautiful face with clear skin to make it a total package. Ten minutes later I knew I had made an excellent choice. She was a moaner too. Damn girl! I was enjoying my massage session so much with this girl that I kept her for the full hour so I ended up paying 75, pesos.

When we finished it was already 12 noon and I was pretty much exhausted from my back to back massages with 2 sexy Colombian girls. I went back to my hotel and decided to chill for a couple of hours. I bought some dinner in the food court and then headed back to my hotel where I logged into my Facebook page. We started chatting and she told me how she is studying nursing.

I asked her to send me a sexy and revealing photo and she sent me a pic of her in a sexy pink lace bra and panties. Ok now she had my attention. Tonkght asked her if she wanted to meet that night at Sixttina disco at midnight and she said yes. At the same time I was also sending text messages to 3 other girls in Medellin trying to set up dates. Two of them were up for meeting but only for drinks and dancing. The 3rd girl was 22 years old a model type. She was open to meeting me but only during the day.

She sent me 20 plwce and topless pics of herself as incentive! Hell medelllin we have a winner! Some of the photos were professionally down and stamped. What were zome stamped with? The name of an escort agency! I inquired further and she told me Come to me place tonight for some deepthroat in medellin deeptroat markets herself now. Got to love an entrepreneur. Whether my dick mefellin the size of my pinky or a baseball bat? Good enough. I made a date with her to meet me at Cime hotel Monday afternoon at 2pm. Why do I medeellin it that? I directed my taxi to the proper location and had him stop in front of a building with large metal gates that had been painted white.

The rest of the street was deserted and there were Come to me place tonight for some deepthroat in medellin open businesses. I walk up the short but steep stairs and reach in through the gate to find a secret hidden button to ring a buzzer. A couple of minutes later a woman comes out to inquire what I toight. I simply said the magic entry word: It was only 9: The club manager had me take a seat in a large and comfortable waiting area. She told me that fir chicas were busy putting on makeup and getting ready and for me to wait. The first girl to come out was a cute 31 year old blond.

She could speak a little English and told me that she had worked there for 3 years. I was interested in a girl with a bit lower mileage on her odometer so I waited for the next girl. A few minutes later the manager walks in with a stunningly beautiful 20 meedllin old girl wearing a very low cut split crop top to show off her beautiful tan breasts and rock hard flat abs. She was tall, slim, beautiful and had deepthraot legs. This girl walks over and sits down next to me, leans over and sticks her tongue down my throat! I do believe we have a winner!

Yes we do! I buy her a drink and pay for the room and massage service. I considered it a bargain all in all. The girl leads me upstairs to this large bedroom with a queen size bed. I asked her if she would let me take some photos of her and she readily agreed. I felt like I was taking pics of a Victoria Secrets model. This girl was just damn fine! Then we strip out ke our clothes and take a quick shower. The timing was perfect as I had taken a deeptrhoat tablet of Viagra 1 hour before and it was ready to kick in right deepthroxt. With the Viagra boost I was able to keep it up in a manner of speaking until the Viagra started to wear off an hour later.

I went on town banging this girl until my eyes practically bulged out of my head. After 40 minutes of going at it I could tell that the girls previous smiles were turning to frowns. This girl was just so freaking hot that I was going to get my fullpesos worth out of my time with her. After an hour I was finally tapped out you might say. I did tip the girl an extra 20, pesos for her being hot and for the first 30 minutes she did perform exceptionally well. After we dressed she walked me downstairs where 3 other hot girls were waiting for customers but by far the girl I had chosen was the hottest one of the group. While the manager called me a taxi I sat down between the 4 girls and enjoyed being in the company of 4 beautiful girls.

The taxi arrived about 15 minutes later and I said my goodbyes to the girls and then I headed back to my hotel to check my Facebook messages. I sent a text to the girl that I was meeting at midnight and told her to make it 1am instead. She sent back a message that said ok and that she was arriving with friends. I thought that just meant friends were bringing her. I thought the taxi driver was taking me to where someone would hop in the taxi with a gun to rob me. I knew it was just down the street from Rio Sur so I had the taxi driver drop me off there. I could walk the rest of the way. I would be meeting my date in Sixttina disco and had time.

I decided I might as well get there early to check out any other girls in the club. It was now She told me that she would be wearing jeans and a black top. I saw her looking at her phone and I was sure this was my date. Mongering works for me because it allows me to keep more of my time, which is just as valuable as money to me. It'd be a lot different if I looked like a young Chris Hemsworth Thor and had to beat women off of me with a stick daily. But I am the one that has to do the chasing and it's just not worth it most of the time. When I think about it, all of my paid pussy including here in the US looks-wise was 10x hotter than any of my non-p4p American pussy.

Mongering works for me because it allows me to keep more of my time, which is just as valuable as money to me. Its all good. But, if you ever plan to breed responsibly, this stuff completely distorts real life. It fucks you up for normal women. No girl who might be considered mother material will match these beauties. Even in Medellin, most of the men marry the respectable girls. They may visit a cat house occasionally but don't make a career out of it. That's why it works well for most of us older guys. We already got all that stuff out of the way and are just looking for fun now.

Except for an occasional bachelor party or vacation, this is no hobby for young guys. Its for the old farts. We have put in the all the hard work chasing pussy all these years and now we need a break. Any self-respecting young guy should be getting free pussy through game, except during emergency periods of extreme pussy drought. Once you learn that you can get all the pussy you want, with almost no effort, why in the hell would you go back to wasting all the time. Money, and energy to get laid in the US? We want them to stay in the USA, date and slop those American hogs and leave the hotties of places like those to the 1 percenters like us. In Poblado, for the most part, they do see us as mongers.

It can be done, but you have to be pretty smooth to pull it off. In other parts of the City, it will be easier. However, even in those parts, I wouldn't recommend it unless you have some moxie. Whether the chica is pro, non-pro or semi-pro, this method requires a bit of game to make the chica feel comfortable. Sites like this are a blessing and a curse at the same time. Walking in parks, dining at nice restaurants, regardless whether or not I have sex with them. Also, I enjoy easy sex in Colombia. But it does not substitute the fun I can have when I date girls I like.

Perhaps the two things are totally different things without means-end relationship. I started mongering in my 50's. My only regret is I didn't start in my 20's. On a weekly basis now I think about all of the time and money I could have saved, amazing destinations I could have traveled to, and fun times I could have had if only I had reeled in the expenses of trying to impress non-pros here at home. Luckily my moment of clarity came to me on my first visit to the Phil. I'm looking into visiting Medellin this Fall and could not be more content with my decisions over the past two years. In short, I agree wholeheartedly with what you say! Perhaps the two things are totally different things without means-end relationship.

The problem I have is with exclusivity. I took a couple of girls I met in casas in Medellin on dates. Dinner, dancing, movies, etc. The debate was very emotional, contentious, and often ugly. So I keep the mouth shut, and you may want to do the same. I have a BA in French and it only took 8 semesters 4 years - 18 French classes to graduate. You must have a Masters in Spanish.

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