How to hook up my bluetooth to my phone

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How Do I Pair My Phone to a Bluetooth Device?

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On your device, swipe down from the top of the screen to show the notification center.

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Hold Down Pairing Button: This connects the headset to the smartphone. Try entering or two other common security codes--if doesn't work. If the iPhone asks for a security code, enter and select Connect. Be patient, as it may take a moment to show up. Updated March 30, When it's time to crank up the music from your phone, there is no better way than with a Bluetooth speaker. Many Bluetooth speakers switch into pairing mode by turning the speaker off, then turning the device on while keeping your finger depressed on the power button. Check the third-party headset's user manual for additional instructions on setting up or pairing if the above instructions do not work.

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Whether you use an iPhone or Android smartphone, here is how you pair a Bluetooth speaker to your phone to get the party started. Be sure to check with your manufacturer to see if the feature is possible with your speakers. How to Enable Pairing Mode on a Speaker Before you pair anything, you'll have to place your Bluetooth speaker into pairing mode, allowing it to be discovered by your phone for initial setup. If the switch is green, your Bluetooth is already enabled and nothing needs to be changed. In many cases, simply holding down the power button will place your speaker into pairing mode.

Ensure your Bluetooth functionality is switched on at the top of your screen.

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