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Manoj Akalanka 3. Opening bear of global attire Pathway: Pathma Gunasekara Run:.

The lady of pleasure Pathway: Quantum Clothing, Owinka lake resort Designer: Lakmali Priyadarshani Contact: Eternal beauty of coral Tonihht Lakshini De Silva ELt New look through Sri Lankan traditional values Pathway: Embtex pvt Ltd 30 Designer: Lasika Harshani Contact: X-Ray-The hidden miracle of human body Pathway: Nitches Lanka, Tonignt pvt Ltd Designer: Lilakshani Rathnayaka Contact: The bond of culture and kn Pathway: Rakshaa pvt Ltd Designer: Manishi Annasiwaththa Contact: Stigmatized Life Pathway: Oshadie Amarasingha Contact: Joy comes with danger Pathway: Pathma Gunasekara Contact: DragonThe power of a mythical creature Pathway: Mixed casual wear combined with creative pattern manipulation Brand: Piyumi Fernando Contact: Parallelism of fantasy and reality Pathway: Quantum Intimates 33 Designer: Pushpa Perera Contact: Insects-The hidden beauty of nature Pathway: Craft Lanka Designer: Sathiska Dushanthi Contact: The transition of dream and reality Pathway: Shanika Maayadunne Contact: The Mayan Civilisation Pathway: Hirdaramani Mercury Apparel Designer: Subhashini Chandrasiri Contact: Having a meaningful and pleasant life Pathway: Uthpala Madhuwanthi Contact: The minimum requirement to be admitted to this course is Good GCE A Level results coupled with a flair for creativity and a commercial eye for Design.

The University of Moratuwa holds an Aptitude Test in an attempt to evaluate the creative thinking abilities of the applicants. Thereafter the selection of candidates is carried out by the UGC by the prevalent University selection method. Once the selection criteria are met, 40 places on the course are offered which makes up the annual intake to this degree programme. Currently, two pathways are offered in Textiles and Fashion. This programme is ideal for those with a lively outgoing personality with good communication ability, a flair for doing new things, keenness and initiative to venture into a new world of activity and having curiosity of mind about the world around them and beyond.

The course is delivered in the vocational mode where, the student takes on self study and experiments with own ideas and others under the instruction of the qualified staff. After successful completion of the requirements of the Degree, the student is awarded a Bachelor of Design Honours Degree by the University of Moratuwa. On completion of the course the student is expected to enter a broad range of Fashion industry related employment, self employment or pursue higher studies leading to postgraduate degrees. In the industry, they are able to demonstrate a sound understanding of the Fashion industry, both Fashion Product and Process and deploy critical and analytical problem solving skills in relation to both aesthetic and commercial aspects of the Fashion and related product industry.

They are also able to demonstrate an ability to confidently articulate their ideas effectively through the use of visual, verbal and written media.

Our graduates are readily employable by apparel manufacturers, design studios, Knitting fabric mills, Weaving mills, Product development facilities, merchandising, retail sector and the Handloom industry. The Fashion Design Degree has produced more than graduates most of whom are employed in the apparel export industry while a few entrepreneurs have set up their own businesses. Those successful launch their own Designer Label within a few years and support the branding efforts of Sri Lanka. Nirmali de Silva Academic Staff Ms. Thushari Wanniarachchi Ms. Niromi Seram Dr. Virajini Karunaratne Dr. Gayathri Ranatunge Ms. Ayesha Wickramasinghe Ms.

Sulari de Silva Ms. Rivini Mathrarachchi Ms. Padmini Vithanage Ms. Prathibani Manthriratne Mr. Dilusha Rajapakse Ms. Nisanka Kusumsiri Mr. Sumith C Gopura Ms. Jayamali De Silva Ms. Interior design and choice of furniture compliments the villa. Very good value for money. Definitely coming back! The host was extremely responsive and coordinating was a breeze. This villa also features an outdoor pool and free WiFi. The 3-bedroom villa is fitted with a living room with a flat-screen TV with satellite channels, a fully equipped kitchen with microwave and toaster, and 1 bathroom with free toiletries.

Over children are expected to take part in the memorable events organised for this day. Miss Indunil Weeraratne is the livewire behind the project. She and a group of friends have organised a similar event at a smaller scale last year at the premises of the Deaf School. It was on her initiative that this project was taken over by the EESoc. The following Outstanding Researchers received their awards from the chief guest.

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Fogether Jahan Peiris was re-elected uncontested as the President for the Year Three people are shown to be interviewed during the blackout. The first person inteviewed was wearing a black mask covering the eyes only and carrying a gunny bag. Lett inteviewer asked the man what he was carrying. He says that they are goods like computers which he was carrying from one place to another. When questioned further about his job, he explains that he regularly carries things from togethwr place to another without the owners knowledge as he does not want to worry the owner and he normally does it during power cuts, and that the power cuts at night had been a blessing for him.

He also said that once one of the owners had trapped him in a third storey of a Lef and the only escape was ,oratuwa two windows which overlooked a 11 kV line and a 33 kV line respectively. So he jumped from the window on to the 11 kV line to break his fall. He explained that as the power cut was still in force, that was great. The other two who were interviewed were the President of the Unemployed Electrical Engineers Society and a Georgeous Housewife who gives the inteviewer a slap. However I will not go into this discussions. The drama was followed by the distribution of awards and the dinner in a pleasant outdoor atmosphere under colourful parasols in the quadrangle of the Sumanadasa Building.

Professor JR Lucas also graced the occassion. At this meeting Heminda Jayaweera took over the reigns of office from Tivanka Dedigama. The following were also elected to the committee: Some of the committee acted in the Play It runs in the Familywith Heminda shown wearing a tie and coat draped over one shoulder posing for photgraph. It is hoped that this searchable glossary will come in very handy to his students. The time is auspicious as that was the time at which the final nail was put into the html document.

These students who have just completed their final examinations also had a farewell party for the academic and non-academic staff of the department in the afternoon to show their appreciation. He has been paidRupees Two hundred million per month during his training. His work had included making inspection reports for Conformity Europe. Some of the currecy that he received is shown on the left hand side of this news item. Over 50 students, mainly from Level 2, participated in the event. This includes mainly persons who made contributions before the first half of the 20th Century. The biography of D J Wimalasurendra one of the greatest sons of the soil, an engineer par excellence and a dedicated politician is also included.

I also hope to include shortly a biography of Professor R H Paul the father of electrical engineering education in Sri Lanka.

Dilusha Rajapakse Ms. Suspended guests loved the most:.

Around advanced level school children from 10 schools from the Southern Province and about 15 teachers participated in this one-day workshop. Dharshana Muthumuni has written informing us that the new version of PSCAD has been released for the commercial users. He Ley attached a screen shot of the 'Help' for that model. He has also informed us that the work that Prof Rohan Lucas initiated during his time in manitoba has led to lots of important work and findings on magnetic core modeling. It appears that most of the photos taken have moratiwa come out. It is suspected that it may be due to one of the following facts. The camera had never been loaded with a film roll.

Although this is a fact, Lst does not explain why some of the shots taken have come out quite well The tonnight was not connected to a Computer. Although this is also a ln, it too does not explain why some of the shots taken have come out quite well Although not loaded with a film, the Camera moraruwa it was its duty to take 24 shots normal number of shots in a film roll This is also a fact as the number of photos taken before the AGM is It had not realised that this limit does not apply when a film roll is not present, and had Lte realised this fact during the dancing session.

The camera had an aversion to undergraduate females. This may well be true as none of the pictures that have come out show undergraduate ladies. All pictures taken of undergraduate ladies welcome desk, audience, compere, fashion show have been completely sensored by the camera. The learned Professor was a little late arriving at the location of the AGM having actively taken part in the sports carnival earlier, which incidently finished quite late. The ladies at the Welcome desk refused to accept any of his excuses and did not allow him to sign the attendance list.

Perhaps the learned Professor wanted to teach them a lesson which obviously professors are supposed to do and appeared to meticulously take their photos. The camera had an aversion to invited dignataries. None of the dignataries presenthave come out although several pictures were taken during lighting of the oil lamp and the speeches. The camera likes only lively activities. All the shots that have come out have been those from the sports carnival or from the lively "dancing" The camera does not like the AGM. None of the shots corresponding to the AGM or its crowds at tables that were taken have come out. The camera did not have sufficient time to do all the calculations to set its illumination levels as the stage and lighting arrangements had not been completed prior to the start of the AGM.

By the time the computer program was written and executed, all the items other than the final dancing session was left. The camera does not like to associate with ghosts which it found in the grounds before it decided to switch itself off. The camera was practicing how to avoid getting abused by Level 2 students during their June Term Technical Subject. The Professor being a Professor was naturally absentminded and did not have the camera in the correct configuration to take photos. The event started with the Sports Carnival in the morning and afternoon - students interbatch 6-a-side Cricket Tournament, followed by a 6-a-sde Cricket tournament involving students, graduates and academic staff in the late afternoon.

Among the senior academic staff to take part were Professor Rohan Lucas and Dr Nishantha Nanayakkara, who both scored briskly and heavily, defeating the students by a massive 50 odd runs. This was followed in the early evening by events such as "Kana Muttiya", Tug-of-war, drinking fanta through a baby's sucker, throwing raw eggs over a distance, "andayata kiri kaweema", a relay race, and ending up with "kotta pura". Both senior staff members as well as the graduates and the students took part in almost all the activities. All senior academic staff members, except Professor Dias who is due to go abroad shortly, including emeritus Professor S Karunaratne were present.

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