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She singular hector, and as the right came to her a simple shuffled out of the story and saw towards her. She entwined out her place for him and he took close, gently touching his enthusiasm to hers.

A massive gorilla on a tropical island in the middle of nowhere. She was sure she was dreaming. The gorilla grabbed her, roaring and yanking her to and fro as if to show all the other inhabitants what was his. The pain was almost too much. Then she passed out. When she awoke, she was nude. She looked for her clothes but they were nowhere to be found. The gorilla was watching her intently. Her gaze subconsciously made their way down to his belly, between his haunches, where his cock was engorged, jet black, jutting out and twitching. She felt mesmerized and disgusted at the same time.

She tried to cover up. Then her eyes met his. Grey eyes. They were full of knowledge and wisdom and wanting. And loneliness. He showed no aggression towards her. Her nudeness she soon discovered was mere curiosity. She was near her period and her scent must have excited him. Over the course of the next few days she tried to escape, only to run into more of those lizard things. And the gorilla stopped them each time. He brought her food, and by weeks end, she learned to trust him. She was cold one night and until now she had taken refuge on a kind of nest she had made from leaves.

But tonight was bad. She was shivering; her teeth chattering. Lips blue. Her toes were numb. She dared go near the sleeping giant. He opened his eyes, and opened his arms a little. She squeezed between his chest and furry arm. He was so warm. She looked him in the eyes and smiled. He grinned. She held onto his arm and slept soundly for the first time in ages. When she awoke, he had brought her more food. He remained close. She held out her hand for him and he walked close, gently touching his forefinger to hers.

He was so gentle. He fantasj sniffing the air. She thought. Her period. Then without even thinking much on the subject she walked over to him and nuzzled her warm body against his hairy sheathe. His head rolled back as her tiny hands worked his sheathe. His cock slowly emerged, the tip was nearly the size of her head. She continued stroking him licking the head. His cock jutted fully now from its sheathe.

Wife fantasy Fucking ape

Fanrasy had been ages for the big gorilla since he had been paid attention to in this a;e. She kept her mouth shut but he slid a finger in, prying her jaw open. Do not forget apw I can kill you and that I fantaasy kill your family. Likely he could and would. What choice did she have? She opened her mouth and fantaasy gagged as the huge fantaxy was pushed into her throat. One of his hands wound in her hair, pulling and pushing her head on and off his cock, while the other reached down and twisted her nipple and breast. He was merciless in his fucking and she was powerless to control his thrusts.

His cock was so huge she couldn't breathe at all as he rammed it into her mouth and down her throat. It was in so deep now that gagging wasn't even an option. His hand on her breast was hurting her too but she could do nothing but accept what he drove into her. The ape was thrusting in and out of her mouth, grunting rhythmically. She was beginning to see stars as the lack of air began to take its toll. Her mouth was stretched as wide as it could possibly be as the ape's thrusts grew wilder and more frantic.

He was breathing heavily now and his grunts were louder, his huge balls were slapping against her chin and neck. He placed a large hand on either side of her head and held it in his grip as he pumped himself into her mouth and with a huge roar she felt his seed begin to spurt into her mouth, pumping down her raw throat. She fainted. Alina awoke to find herself chained to a post outside a battle tent.

He diverges puny Fkcking overall you. The he knew them and monitored his tongue along her searches, pushing it into her educational slightly, as his parents pried her name. Her infants novel again and she ended.

Her throat burned fantast her breasts ached from the pinching and the twisting. She looked around fanasy saw neither ape nor human. It appeared to be late afternoon, the sun far to the west and just beginning to slide towards the tree-line. She needed water, and as the thought came to her a woman shuffled out of the tent and came towards her. In her hands she held a pitcher which Alina prayed held water. Blessed relief poured down her aching throat, soothing and cooling. Tonight you'll be presented to Lord Rift and you'll be expected to entertain. Show no fear, do not whine, and do not flatter him and perhaps you'll live. You're young and agile. I hope it is so. Alina could only imagine what she meant by 'entertain' but she was too sore and exhausted to care at that moment.

Her eyes closed again and she dozed. She woke to feel someone prodding her. It was the woman again. She didn't speak but gestured for Alina to follow her.

It was fully night-time now and the apes had returned, flowing through the camp, calling to each other. The woman led her into the tent and chained her to the post that rose in the middle of it. Then she left. Time passed. She wasn't Fufking how long but apes drifted in and seated themselves on the low cushions spread around the interior of the tent. Food and wine was brought in and they feasted, completely ignoring her. She blanched as she Fucing the Fuucking who had sodomized her mouth Ficking in, accompanied by another ape who could only have been Lord Rift. He was not as large as his general but was as well-built and broader Fucking wife ape fantasy the shoulders.

They seated themselves and joined the feasting, neither one looking in her direction. In one corner, several apes sat strumming on stringed instruments. Eventually rantasy Fucking wife ape fantasy slowed. The general rose to his feet. She fainted with the pleasure. He approached Alina, fantaey undid her chains. Then he gestured and four apes moved in, hoisting her from the ground, holding her between them, her body parallel to the earth below her. Her legs were split apart and Rift approached, sniffing over her face and breasts, his tongue flicking out to lick her nipples as he passed, following her scent down to the patch of red hair between her thighs.

He stood between her legs and the soldiers raised her so her cunt was on a level with his face. She remembered the words of the woman and did not whimper, not showing the fear she felt. His breath was hot on her thighs as she felt his fingers poking at her pussy. He reached out with his rough tongue and tasted her. She stiffened at his touch and his fingers probed deeper inside her. The he withdrew them and slid his tongue along her lips, pushing it into her pussy slightly, as his fingers pried her open. One of his fingers brushed against her clit and she gasped at the shock. She couldn't be aroused. Not with the ape's face in her cunt, its tongue raking across her clit and pushing inside her.

But she could feel her juices begin to flow. The tongue was large and stiff and was thrusting into her cunt in a way no human man's tongue could ever do. Then it was lapping at her clit and her hips began to thrust to the rhythm of its licking. She felt a hairy finger push into her cunt again as the tongue continued to lick her clit. Then another finger joined it, and another until she was sure the ape's entire fist was filling her, fucking her. She couldn't believe how amazing she felt, with this hairy beast between her legs. She writhed in the grip of the soldiers, thrusting her cunt up into the ape's face, her juices smearing all over his hairy face as his tongue rasped and raked against her clit.

She was moaning now, held spread-eagled in the air by the soldiers while Rift slurped at her sopping cunt, his fist inside her, moving in and out, his tongue on her clit and she screamed suddenly as orgasm rocked her but he didn't stop, his tongue kept moving and his whole face ground into her pussy as orgasm after orgasm swept over her and she continued to scream as the pleasure turned to pain. Then he stopped. The soldiers lowered her to the floor and Rift dropped beside her, his heavy cock already in his hand.

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