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The plan is for Winston to paint a Credeaux nude nakec with Amelia posing — supposedly inherited by Jamie from his father, to be sold to Tess, Annje rich widow client of najed father and already the proud possessor of a genuine Credeaux still life. She is stubbornly and stupidly sure of her own expertise and never consults experts: Winston and Amelia very reluctantly go along with the scheme, which brings much farce and drama to three young lives. Among other things, Amelia, nervous about posing in the nude, is emboldened when Winston, too, strips to paint her, which soon leads to a hectic love triangle. The nude scene is played so naturally by the two gifted actors that the spectators take it easily in their stride.

The plot twists this way and that over a four-year span, sometimes slightly straining belief but never relaxing its hold on the attention.

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Bunin writes dialogue that is charming, funny, at times deliberately awkward, full of headlong starts and tongue-tied stops, rather in the delightful mode of Kenneth Lonergan. You feel empathetic anxiety for the characters even as you laugh and rejoice with them, however amoral or harebrained their meanderings. The acting is perfect. As Amelia, Annie Parisse is prodigious, playing virtually four different women in one. She negotiates the transitions with total ease, absolute credibility, and irresistible appeal.

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As the silly but not so stupid Tess, E. Katherine Kerr contributes a bravura cameo. Can you ask for more?

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