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How do I hook up my Panasonic surround sound to my samsung smart tv?

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Surrounv 5 Cut equal lengths of speaker wire for each speaker and separate the two wires with a hobby knife or box cutter. Step 2 Connect your Blu-ray player or digital set-top box to the HDMI inputs on your home theater receiver, if present. Warnings Always hook up your system with the power off. Some speaker wire has a copper-colored side, or one strand might be labeled with plus signs.

Surround hook system up sound Panasonic

Turn your receiver's volume to its lowest setting and place a movie in your Blu-ray player. Don't position it Pajasonic it's directly in contact with the TV or the speaker's magnets and vibration can interfere with your television's proper operation. Step 2 Position the subwoofer on the floor or a short, stable stand. The remaining speakers should all be at approximately the same distance from your seating position. Those always go to the red terminal on your speakers.

The specific menu options will vary, depending on your receiver. When testing your speakers, sufround might find that one pair seems to produce poor sound even after you've raised its levels in the settings menu. To play audio from your television through the home theater system, connect an optical cable from the digital audio output on your television to the digital audio input on your home theater receiver.

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