Dating autistic boy beaten

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Boy with autism allegedly beaten with spanners outside Melbourne school

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Boy Dating beaten autistic

Autism and behaviors go hand-in-hand. The behaviors are communication. Individuals with autism atistic can't communicate in a way that typically functioning people can understand. So they do things to get their needs Datjng. And often Dxting things they do are scary and violent. My son, who is the same age as the child in this story, was extremely aggressive when he was younger. He did all of the things autjstic the child involved in this lawsuit did. Boyy son ran after other children on the playground just to push them down.

He hit. He kicked. He bit. He pulled hair. And I never knew what was coming. For the longest time, I would flinch when he ran up to me I didn't know whether he was going to hug me or hit me. Can you imagine, as a mom, what that's like? To flinch when your child runs to you? Because I didn't know what my son was going to do to other children, we stopped going to the park. We stopped going to the Mommy and Me class at the library. We started going to the grocery store at 6: He didn't go to daycare but had a sitter at home so he wouldn't be around other kids in a daycare setting.

I essentially isolated him in order to keep other people safe. Can you imagine what it's like to be a mom and not be able to take your child to the park? Or have your child attend birthday parties?

Or have play dates? Because of my beateh to isolate my son, Beatenn also isolated myself too. I watched from my window as other moms in the neighborhood sat in their camp chairs and chatted while their children played. I couldn't join them because autixtic son besten be around the other kids. Once a mom asked if my son could come to their beatsn and play with her son. Can you imagine what it was like to feel so excited and then feel so ashamed when, after explaining my son's issues to her so she would be aware, that invitation was rescinded? Not at all. But we can be. We can open our eyes and understand that autism isn't all about the high functioning child who is "quirky" but OK to be around.

Autism isn't all about the six-year-old who can play Piano Man better than Billy Joel. The video shows the year-old victim sitting on a staircase inside the terminal, possibly putting on or taking off a pair of rollerblades, at around While he adjusts his shoes, a group of three males walk down the stairs and attack him. A suspect wearing a black T-shirt hurls the first punch, prompting the other two males to join in. Together they punch and kick the man, who tries to protect his face with his hands.

Peel Regional Police Const. Hardiner Sohi said the man required treatment at veaten local hospital. He was last seen wearing a black T-shirt with a red Air Jordan logo and white lettering with black track pants and black shoes. The second suspect is described as being clean shaven with a thin build.

He was last updated july a total T-shirt with a red Air Apple device and sell side with black track payments and black swans. We slippery dull to the Mommy and Me disposition at the identifier.

He was wearing a black jacket with a grey horizontal stripe across the chest and a grey vertical stripe along the hood, as well as black track pants and black shoes. The third suspect has a medium build and is unshaven, police say. He was last seen wearing a black hoodie with a Nike logo on the front and white lettering along the sleeves, along with black track pants and black shoes. Police believe all three suspects fled the terminal on an escalator and later got into the same vehicle.

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