How to hook up thermostat with 2 wires

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How to Wire a Thermostat | HVAC Control

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Final Procedures Attach the thermostat to the sub-base.

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Most municipalities have a hazardous waste collection site. If the colors of the wires do not match the colors described here make sure wifh mark the wires with masking tape. Some wall anchor kits come with a bit in them. Additionally, see thermostat wiring color code chart to help with How to Wire a Thermostat. The transformer powers the HVAC control circuit including the thermostat. Is the old paint that was covered by the old sub-base going to be covered by the new sub-base?

That is not mentioning the fact that they ended dith calling a professional HVAC Technician to fix the problems. Get the new sub-base and compare it to the old one. Thermostat Wiring Color Code Table opens in a new window Additionally, be aware that thermostats are equipped with heating and cooling anticipators. An improperly set anticipator will cause your furnace or heater to run improperly.

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Insert the screws and screw them only snug tight. Problems caused by improperly wies a thermostat. The 5 wires likely cover Red for volt hot, white for heat, tk for cooling, green for the fan, and blue for common common could be another color. Or perhaps the wiring color combination was not available for the new installation. Some are successful at changing the thermostat and some are not. Often, I find that the only thing people know about their AC and Heating systems is how to turn the thermostat on and off.

This will keep the wires from falling back into the wall. Additionally, some thermostats do not have screws holding the thermostat to the sub-base. This is not only for your safety but also to keep from blowing the transformer. Hold it up to the wall in the position you want it. Refer to our pages about heat pump wiring on how to wire a heat pump thermostat or our thermostat wiring color page to see the additional control points for your thermostat.

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