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You can also check out their ratings and client reviews. It can also symbolize a profession that has to do with the art of writing. If the bird is located at the center of the coffee cup or the saucer, it symbolizes life-changing news. The center of the cup is the most important, followed by the peripheries of the cup, followed by the center of the saucer, and lastly, the peripheries of the saucer. Online coffee readers can use a cup, saucer, and coffee on your behalf to create the reading ritual on their own, or you can also email them an image of your cup, if you so wish. But before we provide you with a predefined tasseography symbols list, note that every reading is different, and every reader has a unique approach.

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There are also other things to consider, such as: The reader can describe the person seen in the coffee cup or saucer as tall, short, thin, overweight, type of hair, glasses etc. Pick one, or read their profiles and then decide. This is possible because Turkish coffee leaves a thick, muddy remainder at the bottom of the cup. It can also mean, events finally making sense.

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