Escorted tours of french gothic cathedrals

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Reims: Notre-Dame Cathedral 1.5-Hour Guided Tour

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Then, we will leave for Picardie, stop at the cathedral of Laon.

French of gothic cathedrals Escorted tours

A medieval walled city built on a hill, from where its splendid gothic cathedral dominates the town and surrounding countryside. The Canons quarter tuors Noyon is one of the best preserved in the north of France. It was built in the heart of the old city where parts of the 3rd century ramparts are still visible. Splendidly situated on the rolling hills of the Matz Valley, Bellinglise is an elegant XVIth-century manor which has recently been turned into a four-star hotel. It is a place one falls in love with immediately as it excudes a special charm. Your dream can finally come true Like a beautiful story, you will enter the kingdom of the Valois dynasty.

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Day Eecorted Amiens, the capital of Picardy, is a town rich in art and history. Thanks to the frnch with which it was built and to the technical developments of its day, Notre Dame cathedral in Amiens displays a rare homogeneity of style. The most famous monument in Senlis is Notre Dame cathedral; its 78m high spire dominates the town. The west portal boasts the first representation of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary.

On the south side of the cathedral, supported by the Gallo-Roman ramparts, is the Episcopal Palace which houses a converted crypt. This palace has now become an art museum. Soissons Cathedral is a fine example of the rapid changes which took place in architecture at the end of the 12th century. Day 4 St-Denis. On the outskirts of Paris, the burial place of French kings, St-Denis was an abbey of the highest significance in politics and in the history of architecture. In the s the choir was rebuilt, and the pointed arches, rib vaulting and skeletal structure warrant the claim that this was the first Gothic building. First of two nights in Chartres.

Day 5 Chartres. The cathedral at Cathedralw, begun in and gothlc in after a fire, is the finest synthesis of Gothic art and architecture. Sculpture and stained glass are incorporated into an elaborate theological programme. The full day here provides time for unhurried exploration of the building and space to reflect and absorb. See also the church of St Pierre. Day 6 Mantes-la-Jolie, Beauvais, Amiens. Visit the 12th-century collegiate church at Mantes-la-Jolie. Beauvais Cathedral, begunwas, with a vault height in the choir of feet, the climax in France of upwardly aspiring Gothic architecture and the highest vault of mediaeval Europe.

Overnight Amiens. Day 7 Amiens. The cathedral in Amiens is the classic High-Gothic structure, its thrilling verticality balanced by measured horizontal movement.

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