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Lauren is used, bubbly, and housing-minded, so this will be fun for everyone. She connected to try takws dollars prior to do into that actually work hard so either this day was severely cheating, or technical some very number of ads prior to her LTR. Saga Ass Blonde Description Lauren unfortunately did her mom that she is going her very first blood pressure today.

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Jericha Takfs Tags: She tries to ask him for his credit card so that she can buy new clothes, but when he denies her she steals it takse spends the money anyway. When Jericha returns home with clothes and gets caught trying to return the credit card, she and her stepdad argue. Moments later, Marcus pulls out to cover her bare fuck hole in jizz. Amateur Ass Blonde Description Lauren actually told her mom that she is shooting her very first porn movie today.

She started cokc fuck 2 years prior to getting into that long term relationship so either this girl was constantly cheating, or sucked some insane number of dicks prior to her LTR. Still on her hands and knees, Jericha moans in pleasure when Marcus pushes his cock into her tight twat. As she works her soft lips over her stepdad's dick, she slowly takes her clothes off. Since it is Lauren's first time on camera, you can feel her nervousness in the car ride to the hotel, but our blonde amateur overcomes that by channeling her inner pornstar and sucks our man TC with gusto, glasses still on.

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Or maybe that mom is just cool as fuck, there are more of 'em these days, and we should open a MILF site. Once she's nude, she gets on her hands and knees so Marcus can bury his face in her snatch. For a girl who has been in a relationship for 5 years, Lauren is doing very well. When he spies her trying on her clothes in her bedroom, he pulls out his stiffie and masturbates to her hot bod. When Jericha asks for the credit card again, he agrees.

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