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Thailand Tours

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Why you'll love Thailand Thailand is a country of enthralling experiences. Escorhed paradise islands offer warm, clear waters and golden beaches bordered by laidback communities. Thai cities are bustling with market-sellers and tuk-tuks weaving through traffic. Buddha statues smile and temples sparkle. Your only dilemma is what to see and where to go next.

Escorted tour Thailand

Our Destination Specialists will help you plan your trip, but esforted a look at these suggestions. Thai is the official language of Thailand, but in the more popular regions and large cities, English is widely understood. We would suggest, however, taking a phrasebook if you intend to travel even a little off the beaten track. Try not to shake hands.

The Thai way of greeting is called 'the wai'. It consists of a slight bow with the palms pressed together, in a prayer-like fashion. Thailand is an incredibly hospitable country and beach-life here is very accepting. However be respectful of Thai customs, religion and culture and particularly their monarchy, for whom they have great respect.

Diethelm www. The folks at this Swiss-based tour company, with offices throughout the region, are friendly and helpful, and a popular choice for European tour groups. Diethelm has full tour programs and can provide details for travelers Thaialnd, Thailand escorted tour car rental or vans for small Tbailand, and Thauland discount options to all destinations. Intrepid www. This popular Australian operator is a reliable eecorted to get off the beaten path on Thqiland tour of Asia. Intrepid caters tours for the culturally discerning, those with humanitarian goals, and adventure travelers on a budget looking for a group-oriented tour of off-the-map locations.

They live up to their name, and with some of the best guides in Asia, these folks will take you to the back of beyond safely and in style. Every holiday to Singapore is a little different; you can explore exquisite restaurants serving up a world of culinary adventures, visit charming colonial attractions, take in the outstanding natural beauty and discover a calendar full of exhilarating and colourful events. We can tell you the hottest spots for a Singapore Sling, the best time of day to visit the Botanic Gardens, and the food stalls that you have to find in one of the city's famous hawker centres.

Give us a call or visit your local store and we'll help to create your dream Singapore holiday.

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Once isolated from the rest of the world, tourism is now encouraged in small groups allowing visitors to once again discover this beautifully preserved nation, which was described by Rudyard Kipling as 'quite unlike any land you know about'. This enchanting land is home to ancient temples, dense forests, glorious beaches and a captivating culture and history. Its blend of delightful people, delicious cuisine and historical treasures makes Cambodia a captivating destination. If you want to tread a path less travelled, this charming country is the perfect destination.

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