How to restore iphone from itunes without updating

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How to Restore iPhone Without Updating

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Your iPhone will restore successfully without updating. After the Restore completed, you can irunes set your iPhone as new. Itnues your iPhone in Recovery mode will not update it to the latest iOS version, but it will erase all Hiw data and settings on your vrom. We are all vulnerable to some errors eventually. You could have forgotten your passcode or a baby played around your phone long enough to lock it. You need only six wrong entries in a row drom lock withhout disable your device. If you have a backup of your data, you are likely to find a solution fast. We know you cannot last without a working phone. The program will detect iPhone device automatically and download the latest version if you don't select a firmware version.

Step 4. When the process is complete, check to see if the device can start. If can't, try again. Part 2. Restore iPhone without Updating by Resetting Restoring iPhone without updating requires you to erase your iPhone via iPhone reset settings. Of course, before you restore the factory settings, you need to back up important data from iPhone. Try to download the trial version and free to use. Then connect your iPhone or other iOS devices to computer, the program will detect your device automatically by default. It's important to know that only the purchased data and books will be recovered. Unknown Error Occurred Unknown error occurred when you try to recover from iTunes.

Believe it or not, this problem happens quite a lot, and the best way to deal with it at first is to perform a quick, full computer reboot. Once that is done you need to reconnect all the USB devices via their cable just like they were connected before. While it might seems very easy, this is a good solution and most of the time does the trick.

If it doesn't work, then you should think about disabling all the antivirus software as that might interfere with the restoration process. In the end, if this still continues, then trying to use another computer might be the final answer. Not Enough Space for Restoration This also happens quite a lot, as most users tend to fill their phone with lots of apps they might not even play, which is really unfortunate to say the least. Click Start. The program should detect the software problem on your iPhone and allow you to choose Standard Mode or Advanced Mode to restore the iPhone. Click Standard Mode if you don't want to lose data on the iPhone.

To restore itunes from How updating iphone without

If your device is not detected and the program is showing the following screen. STEP 3. Choose the corresponding iOS version in the box. Then, the program iphoen restore your iPhone or iPad and fix it to the normal status. If you don't want to update to the newest iOS 12, you can choose the previous version in the list but if Apple closes the entrance to get the previous iOS version, you must upgrade at that time. Part 2: Here is the correct steps to do so.

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But what happens if you have an iPhone 6S or an even older frpm The method is relatively similar. It should take only a few minutes The backup process goes exactly the same, but the next steps are slightly different. After the backup is ready, disconnect your phone from iTunes, but keep the program opened. Turn off your phone Hold down the Home button and keep it like that Reconnect the phone to your PC using the cable, while keeping the Home button pressed.

An image of a charging cable will also appear below the iTunes logo Go to iTunes and click on Restore iPhone. A pop-up with this option should appear in iTunes. Just like in the previous step, you will see a drop-down menu with the available backups.

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