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What is the I-20 Form?

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The purpose of this requirement is to avoid cases where people who are no longer enrolled as students at an institution keep using an outdated Form I to get in. Updaitng particular, when adding a new travel signature to the OPT, it is the responsibility of the international student office to make sure that the student is still enrolled at the institution. In case the Form I runs out of space for travel signatures, the international office may print out a new Form I for the student. In the special case of automatic visa revalidationwhereby the student returns to the United States after a trip to Canada, Mexico, or a nearby island for at most 30 days, it is not necessary to have a valid visa at the time of re-entry.

However, it is still necessary to have a valid Form I and a travel signature.

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Upeating Changing the program end Updating i-20 form edit ] It may happen that the student's actual program end date falls earlier or -i20 than fork the student expected. It is necessary that a new I be issued reflecting the current program end date, both prior to the program's actual end and l-20 to the stated program end date on the Form I If the Form I is being shortened, the international office may require the student to submit evidence showing that the student has enough academic credits to graduate early. It is important to note that the program end date on the Form I need not coincide with the graduation date. Rather, it is the end date of the student's enrollment in courses.

Undergraduate Program Extension: To request an extension if more time is required to complete a graduate student's educational objectives. The request must be approved by an academic advisor, and the student will need to supply proof of funding. Change of Degree Level: To reflect a change in degree level once a students is admitted to another degree level; i.

Form Updating i-20

To reflect a change in an undergraduate's primary major see below for an explanation of primary major. The request does not need to i-200 approved by an academic advisor, and the student does not need to supply proof of funding unless an extension is also required. Graduate Change of Major: As a foreign student, you are required to submit certain forms in order to get your student visa. One of these is the I form.

In Updaitng United States, the Department of Homeland Security is in charge of keeping track of foreigners in the country. They have a specific department in charge of keeping tabs on students. As a foreign student, you will need to present the I form in certain situations and update it as required. Who Needs a Form I? F-1 Status: Click Open. Click Print icon.

Click Close on PDF copy. Only use the travel reprint reason, if there are no blank travel signature lines on page two of the Form I To reprint the Form I The actual completion date may not necessarily be the day of the graduation ceremony or the date on the I In fact, many students actually finish degree requirements before the completion date on the I Undergraduate Students: The completion date is considered to be the last day of final exams of the semester degree requirements are fulfilled. Graduate Students: The completion date is the day on which all degree requirements are fulfilled, such as filing the thesis or dissertation in the Graduate Division.

If there is no research component to the degree program such as in the MBA program or other professional schoolsthe completion date would be the last day of final exams of the semester degree requirements are fulfilled.

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