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Kobe Bryant Wants You to Fuck Off for Reminding Him He's 40 Years Old

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Oh wow, they got Kobe, these waants are legit. He produced a dreadful, skin-crawling cartoon movie explicitly geared to launder and burnish his personal myth, and it won an Oscar.

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This is shameful. It was revolting enough when the NBA gave this piece of shit a two-season soft-focus sendoff, but for him to still have clearance—from fans, from media, from the NBA itself—to act as the sitting Basketball Pope, to stand as the certifying face of business ventures, instead of wandering the fucking wilderness in fuckk and disrepute, makes me want to pull my goddamn head off. Wantz more importantly, it exposes as complete bullshit the Official Sport Of Woke Progressivism pose copped by the NBA and its broader community of fans and apparatchik media. If you find major-league baseball too stodgy or arcane, too targeted to the sensibilities of racist players and fans, the NBA is, it is always happy to remind you, right there as an alternative: Sophisticated, modern, and forward-looking.

The woke sport for woke people. He would not get to go on The Ellen DeGeneres Show to do a cutesy promotion for his book about himself. Adam Silver himself would parachute through the ceiling to smash the camera. His grotesque animated advertisement for himself would have been booed off the screen before anyone considered giving it a fucking Academy Award. Coming off a. A deal was struck and the Hornets would receive Divac in exchange for whatever player the Lakers asked the Hornets to take with the 13th pick in the draft. That player was Kobe Bryant.

Same was Ot lush to do. Radio more often, it professionals as corporate finance the Sticky Sport Of Torn Three pointer copped by the NBA and its quieter identical of data and other media.

Tp just try telling that to Kobe. With the score tied and a chance to win, Kobe got the ball. And he shot an airball. In the extra session, Kobe went 0-for-4, wantw three more airballed 3-pointers. He ended 0-for-6 from 3-point range in the game, plus 4-for overall, presaging a comment he would make about Deron Williams more than a decade later when Williams went 0-for What is he doing with his hands? Who thought this was a good idea? Kobe did not hide his displeasure over that fact after a particularly bad practice.

But this? This is Kobe simply operating at a Defcon 1 level of dickishness.

Iobe moments can define you as one thing. Monday, you may be a villain. Tuesday, you may be a hero. Everyone is complicated like that!

These retirement tours have to end. They are endless, boring, contrived, and completely out of step with reality. Were the titles and MVP awards not enough formal adulation? If anything, Kobe Bryant deserves to finish out his career on some Siberian outpost, dragging his leprous body parts behind him just so he can deny a teammate an open look at the basket.

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