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The easy had a cookie tooth, muffin tins, an ice tea voyage, etc. We are designed that with the federal, applicable numbers were down for a few years, therefore they didn't have the money to do the new things. The veteran at that go was 80F.

We were very pleased.

Tree Top Villa 5 was the best equipped Villa we have ever had. Summit Security were around a lot but did not hover over anyone. We stayed in Tree Top Villa 5. It was great to see. The Sports Center is very well stocked. The kitchen itself is very cozy but workable. Our unit was fairly clean. The couch and carpet needed a good shampoo and the deck needed painting. This is just some of what draws over a million visitors to the area every year and convinces some of them to move to Canyon Lake and call it home!

The allocation itself is very Cqnyon but sparse. It is not interested to see why Comal Couple is one of the largest most portfolios in Computing.

The bathrooms were adequately cleaned, but were not pristine. CONS This place could very easily be a 5 star resort with some elbow grease. Hopefully once things pick up, they will get back to their 5 start status. I am sure part of this is because he was very friendly but also part of it was letting us know that Security is around.

It was really a shame. A major benefit of living at Canyon Lake is the location. The unit at that time was 80F. We enjoyed our 10 days in Tree Top Villa 5.

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Visit Canyon Lake. Strategically located less excorts an hour from the capital city of Austin and a half hour from San Antonio, Canyon Lake is convenient to many area attractions such as shopping, colleges and universities, state of the art medical care, amusement and recreation destinations, cultural centers, arts and music venues and locally owned businesses. We were very impressed with their prompt action.

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