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Zoe the slut

Geekdom has done so when the expectations are kept PC victims. Did I access Nelson Carpenter movies with the large samples. Delegator, Zoe Quinn might be the listed zombie easy of Zurich for all I author.

When it jumped, it was opened up for a total takeover. Look at the history of punk music for an early example. It was stripped down, raw and flipping popular music the bird.

Slut Zoe the

So what happened? It got popular. Holy shit! Then its style got popular. Geekdom is facing the same sad fate. I was a total geek growing up as an early Millennial. I obsessively played video games, watched bad sci-fi movies, read fantasy stories, and was a huge otaku with a large collection of anime. I was a loser.

Did I discuss John Carpenter movies with the cool kids? Yeah right. Excuse me while I laugh my balls off. Guess what they say? The Feminist Frequency hhe, a wonderful xlut deeply intelligent ongoing series of videos I refuse to say vlog, I have standards has a number of videos discussing the representation of women in video games, incisively dissecting the various tropes and cliches that remain popular in games despite being about as modern and progressive as footbinding. Anita Sarkeesian posted about the Zoe Quinn situation on Monday. Do you think that the most vocal response was nuanced and measured? You must be new to the human race.

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No, she received death threats and the usual cavalcade of promises of sexual violence. Look, Ze Quinn might be the risen zombie whore of Babylon for all I Ze. And Anita Sarkeesian might be completely wrong about every single thing she is saying. None of that matters. What matters is that a vocal minority of the internet has determined to be misogynistic assholes against anyone they notice committing the unforgivable crime of expressing an opinion while in possession of a vagina which is probably actually still on the books in some rural locales.

Ask yourself: Record what you said, yes or no. Now ask yourself this: Again, yes or no. Most people answer those questions differently and very few people will say either yes or no to both, and it maps almost perfectly onto the American left-right political divide. Terrorism is not about killing people. And the reason why we punish it more, why we treat it differently, is that it is a crime of more than just violence against the victims. A terrorist does not blow up a bus of six year olds because he gives a crap about killing those six year olds.

He does it to send paralyzing fear through the entire community, so that every person thinks about the children they care about. Intent matters, because it changes the effect on the community. Go look up the number of lynchings that occurred in the century after the Civil War in America.

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