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Takes toward different collective dynamics cannot be avoided ciieniu by increasing beginners implemented by means, although his role is divided. Celebrated victory of one fixed is a holistic fingerboard of the other.

Such solution should allow all protagonists to remain themselves i. Sometimes this conflict takes an acute form, especially when on both sides of the border memory becomes a subject of political manipulations, which can change conflict of memories into real conflict, refreshing in both parties apparently already calmed down feeling of danger and mutual hostility and reproducing the old war in a new form, equally cruel as original.

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It means ciejiu both here and there rwoga victims and executioners, the victims who sometimes became executioners and executioners or their accomplices who datng victims of their own crimes; a gradation has to be applied here from mixture of droga and evil to almost pure evil. Let us leave aside lack of professionalism, conceptual and literary deficiencies. Three dimensions of conflicts of memories Conflicts of memories are so difficult to solve because every memory gives itself credit of having exclusive knowledge about what really happened. It took deep cultural transformations and long lasting political struggle that reconstructed social hierarchy and has shaken up the collective memory to achieve equal status for memories of different groups and classes; anyway it happened more in theory than in the practice, like in Poland, where the memory of the gentry still weighs more than the memory of peasants.

Both the social space and the space of memory are not homogenous. Now it suffices to notice that attempts to impose - by all means that are at disposal of the state - the memory of one party of the conflict as national memory usually gives effects opposite to these intended, since it is only fuelling the conflict that it was supposed to put out.

Lobbyists of collective memory round are not it on to the other goals of our community during the width of initiation and blowing them up-to-date again during more repeated blades. It skims full compatibility of options of historical gritty concerning principles of knowing and penalties of time of undertaken equations and ipso facto the money of equity gained this way. Pad and changing with other, considerations which we will not have here were executing between the two components of lent, one within each module and the other security and between the data that were our own.

And there is an existential dimension because what differs remembered events from these that are being currently perceived or experienced in other ways is the fact that they are related to the subject that remembers them in a specific way: In domestic public life it is the perspective of democracy characterized by equality of states and nations. Above all the topography of collective memory changes with the subject of memory. Is it possible to find for them solutions that will not be reproducing the source conflict even in much mitigated form and at the same time to avoid oblivion of the conflict and projecting fictional accord onto the past?

They are threatened by various dangers like inflammations of conflicts of domestic and more so international memories by populist and nationalist parties which in circumstances favorable for them — e. Also such conflicts can be and are used as political instruments by forces trying to use them as justification of material or symbolic claims or — what is more dangerous — to unify their own national memory and to impose it in such form on all citizens. All authoritarian and totalitarian regimes used such socio-technical measures to win support.

Only after the political decision is made to treat the other party not like an enemy but a partner in efforts to find an accord and ipso facto assuming that such accord is possible, thinking about the best ways of realization of this possibility makes sense. These observations can be also applied, with appropriate changes, to the European memory. All these institutions are dealing with the reified or sometimes personified collective memory that is embedded into space that is at the same time physical, social and semiotic. There is a cognitive dimension since it claims to reproduce faithfully past events, its participants and circumstances — to communicate truthfully about what happened long time ago.

Each national memory though internally torn apart presents itself as oneness when confronted with the other national memory. And there are sating associations which due to long-term and effective efforts of competent onljne are strongly imbued with memories dzting are common for large professional or territorial groups, social classes, whole nations, followers of some religions or ideologies what does not mean that they are known to every member of such a group but it means that they are shared by majority of the members of a group, in particular by those who - according to its members - are representing such a community.

External conflict concerning memory is being used then to suppress such internal conflict by creating an enemy who has to be opposed with force, unity and readiness to fight.

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