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They i everything and it's consistently great. The lil gyro carts are a must do and are great late night food The beach in Pattaya leaves alot to be desired. It gets very busy during the day with chonbhri sounds of Wimen boats and jetskis. There are ffor vendors trying to sell their wares and it can get a lil annoying saying no thank you all day while trying to enjoy a relaxing time at the beach. However it is all part of the Pattaya experience. Jomtien Beach is very close however is getting as hectic as Pattaya. I think heading a lil ways out of town to a quiet lil place called Bangsalay would meet anybody's expectations. I must add though. I've never had a big problem with any beach,anywhere.

That's a no brainer. Oh,be prepared to be on a beach with no bathrooms and whatever that might entail. Stay hydrated. Finding a place to stay in this city is not difficult. Prices range from 8 canadian dollars to whatever you care to pay.

There are plenty of 20 to 40 dollar range hotels in Pattaya. Just have chonbyri look around. Personally I suggest staying in South Pattaya. It's close to everything,Walking Street and the beach. If you plan on staying awhile,and it happens,bargain with your hotel for a monthly rate. You can really reduce costs Now,onto my observations of what happens "socially" in this city of self realization. There are a guzillion bars in Pattaya.

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From hole in the walls to outdoor beer bar complexes to air conditioned go go bars to discos I prefer outdoor beer bars as I enjoy the great outdoors and happen to still engage in the filthy habit of smoking. Which by the way is still very prevalent in Pattaya. Beers bars are generally less expensive and as informal as you can get. Just a stool and a bar to rest your elbows on. Many have televisions and music. Jun 5, The image most people have of a modern day Sodom and Gomorrah is really a result of careless and sensationalist reporting by various media around the world. It is true that there are many middle-aged men who have found they can afford to retire here often with a wife or girlfriend half their age There is also a lot to do if you are a family on holiday.

Although people do swim, the sea is rather polluted…how much is unclear…. This IS Thailand! Cosy beach and Sugar beach between Pattaya and Jomtien offer less crowded or urban alternatives. Bear in mind that what is done to monitor pollution on any of the beaches throughout Thailand is not clear. Inevitably, wherever you are, ALL the main holiday beaches in Thailand are subject to pollution from time to time depending on season wind and tides. All the same many people enjoy the beaches in and around Pattaya All beaches have plenty of people selling drinks and snacks etc Off shore there are one or two islands with much nicer beaches, they are easily accessible for a day trip.

If you go to Koh Laan, the main beach is really just a row of restaurants etc. Or simply walk along the coast for a bit to get away from the crowds. Further down the coast towards Sattahip there are some quite reasonable beaches, Ban Sare or Ban Amphoe for example. On the mainland, Pattaya offers a range of amusement parks, gardens, and theme parks and various sports. There are numerous good quality golf courses, horse riding and motor sports, both karting and a car racing circuit. There are some small airfields nearby for fans of light aircraft too.

Those often basic annotations have got me into your country and have credited me a competent way at looking at my own choice. Elephant shelf is also not to be applied. I've had registered altering experiences in Pattaya.

Elephant village is similarly not to be supported. Pattaya Park is a Water World amusement park that offers all the usual water rides plus a revolving restaurant and some hair-rising ways of getting up there and back down. Million year old stone park has beautiful gardens - feed the 5ft long catfish! And cringe at the abysmal treatment of tigers and crocodiles. Further a field is Sri Racha tiger Zoo Any hotel or travel shop will arrange to take you there. The Sanctuary of Truth is a rather unexpected attraction given the nature and reputation of Pattaya as a holiday destination.

Built by a wealthy business family to celebrate the religions of the world in is an enormous hand-carved wooden building built on a small promontory at Naklua the Northern end of Pattaya. Work on the building seems to be continually in progress, and provides employment for many artisans and craftsmen from all over the country. One can rent a horse to ride around the site.

At the time your correspondent was there one of the animals had got out of control and was being chased around the site chonburo clearly untrained staff. Here a small species of Dolphins -are put through there paces in a muddy pond, balancing balls and splashing the audience However, all in all despite the rather second rate other attractions the site is well worth a visit. Pattaya offers some of the best shopping outside Bangkokand it is actually more accessible being sited in a much smaller area. Along the beach stalls shops and arcades offer all the usual souvenir stuff and some things that might cause a few raised eyebrows

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