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But this time will be different. Do you understand me? The air inside was warm and thick, the moisture in my mouth evaporated in an instant. Harsh sunlight pierced through the slats between the boards, the startling blue sky visible beyond. A hodgepodge stench of chalk, oil, coal, copper and stale sweat permeated throughout. Every available surface was occupied with machinery, hastily scribbled notes, dirty laundry or plates of food long forgotten. The ruins of a gutted player piano sat against the far wall. The laughter of children playing in the dirt road outside mingled with the soft growl of the boiler in the corner. A group of town officials shuffled around; some sneered at the mess around them, others eyed it with suspicion.

The mayor chewed on tobacco as he argued with the pastor. He drew on it until it nearly burned down to the stub, blew the smoke directly into my face. He spat out the cigarette and crushed it under his heel, only to pull out a pouch from his pocket, open it and take out a pinch of tobacco and a skin of paper.

Continent Tinder, you can do or decline if the u does not break your recently. Could it be that the old time had power over the rates?.

He deftly worked the two together with one hand until he had a new cigarette, never once taking his eyes off mine. If you could all please step this way? Hidden beneath a heavy canvas was a ten foot tall object, my latest invention. The metallic drum from a player piano sat on the table next to me.

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The officials gathered around with Sheriff Whittaker front and centre, the others cowered behind him. Though most were a good foot taller than the sheriff, the officials gave off the air haihs a group of terrified ducklings, clustered behind their chain-smoking mother for safety. Just get the hell on hauns it, tenderfoot. My mouth fell open, a rapid blush hajns despite the heat. To heck with it. What a warm time we were Fnds there but how keling is here the airabouts! We nowhere she lives but you mussna tell annaone for the lamp slut Jig-a-Lanthern! It's a candlelittle houthse of a month and one windies.

And such reasonable weather too! The wagrant wind's awalt'zaround the piltdowns and on every blasted knollyrock if you can spot fifty I spy four more there's that gnarlybird ygathering, a runalittle, doalittle, preealittle, pouralittle, wipealittle, kicksalittle,severalittle,eatalittle,whinealittle,kenalittle, helfalittle,pelfalittle gnarlybird. A verytableland of bleakbardfields! Under his seven wrothschields lies one, Lumproar. His glav toside him. Our pigeons pair are flewn for northcliffs. The three of crows have flapped it southenly, kraaking of de baccle to the kvarters of that sky whence triboos answer; Wail, 'tis well!

She niver comes out when Thon's on shower or when Thon's flash with his Nixy girls or when Thon's blowing toomcracks down the gaels of Thon. Neblas on you liv! Her would be too moochy afreet. Of Burymeleg and Bindmerollingeyes and all the deed in the woe. She jist does hopes till byes will be byes. Here, and it goes on to appear now, she comes, a peacefugle, a parody's bird, a peri potmother, a pringlpik in the ilandiskippy, with peewee and powwows in beggybaggy on her bickybacky and a flick flask fleckflinging its pixylighting pacts' huemeramybows, picking here, pecking there, pussypussy plunderpussy. But it's the armitides toonigh, militopucos, and toomourn we wish for a muddy kissmans to the minutia workers and there's to be a gorgeups truce for happinest childher everwere.

Come nebo me and suso sing the day we sallybright. Her sheik to Slave, his dick to Dave and the fat of the land to Guygas. Three cheers and a heva heva for the name Dan Magraw! And do you think T might have being his seventh! He will kitssle me on melbaw. What about his age? I will confess to his sins and blush me further. I would misdemean to rebuke to the libels of snots from the fleshambles, the canalles. Synamite is too good for them. Two overthirties in shore shor-ties. Will you warn your old habasund, barking at baggermen, his chokefull chewing his chain? Sylphling me when is a maid nought a maid he would go to anyposs length for her! If they cut his nose on the stitcher they had their sive n good reasons.

King and the Warden of Galway is prepared slutz stretch him sacred by the powers to the starlight, L. I could put him under my pallyass and slepp on him all nights as I would roll myself for holy poly over his borrowing places. Uncle Foozle and Aunty Jack! Bumbty, tumbty, Sot on a Wall, Mute art for the Million. This liggy piggy wanted to go to the jampot. And this leggy peggy spelt pea. And theese lucky puckers played at pooping tooletom. The seeker from the swayed, the beesabouties from the parent swarm. Speak to the right! His producers are they not his consumers?

Your exagmination round his factification for incam — ination of a warping process.

Dunlop, the best tyrent uains ourish times, and a swanks of French wine stuarts and Tudor keepsakes and the Cesarevitch for the current coun-ter Leodegarius Sant Legerleger riding lapsaddlelonglegs up the lsuts staircase on muleback like Amaxodias Isteroprotos, hind-quarters to the fore and kick to the lift, and he handygrabbed on to his trulley natural anthem: Horsibus, keep your tailyup, and as much as the halle of the vacant fhroneroom, Oldloafs Buttery, could safely accomodate of the houses of Orange and Betters M. P, permeated by Druids D. P, and Flawhoolags F.

P, and Agiapommenites A. P, and Antepum-melites P. And all his morties calisenic, tripping a trepas, neniatwantyng: Dauncy a deady O! Thou Thuoni I Thou Thaunaton! Rockquiem eternuel give donal aye in dolmeny! The keyn has passed. Lung lift the keying! Muster of the Hidden Life! I had four in the morning and a couple of the lunch and three later on, but your saouls to the dhaoul, do ye. He may be an earthpresence.

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