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Why Would a Company Use Liquidating Dividends?

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Fines and penalties Fines and penalties are deductible as necessary philippinse ordinary business expenses. Surcharge and compromise penalty imposed for non-payment or late payment of taxes is not deductible for tax purposes. Taxes Corporate taxpayers can claim a deduction for all taxes paid or accrued within the taxable year in connection with their trade or business, except for the following: Philippine CIT.

Income taxes imposed by authority of any foreign country, unless the taxpayer elects to take a deduction in lieu of a foreign tax credit. Taxes assessed against local benefits of a kind tending to increase the value of the property assessed. In the case of a foreign corporation, deductions for taxes are allowed only if they are connected with income from sources within the Philippines. Net operating losses A net operating loss for any taxable year immediately preceding the current taxable year, which had not been previously offset as a deduction from gross income, may be carried over as a deduction from gross income for the next three consecutive taxable years immediately following the year of this loss except losses during the period when the taxpayer was tax-exemptprovided there has been no substantial change in the ownership of the business or enterprise.

For mines, other than oil and gas wells, a net operating loss calculated without the benefit of incentives provided for under EO No. Loss carrybacks are not allowed. Payments to foreign affiliates A Philippine corporation can claim a deduction for royalties, management service fees, and interest charges paid to foreign affiliates, provided such amounts are equal to what it would pay an unrelated entity, and the appropriate WHTs are withheld and remitted. The registration of licensing and management agreements, now known as technology transfer arrangements TTAshas been liberalised.

Head office expense allocations A resident foreign corporation is allowed to claim allocated head office expenses as a deduction, subject to certain requirements. Corporate - Group taxation There is no group taxation in the Philippines. Transfer pricing Transfer Pricing Regulations govern the cross-border and domestic transactions between associated enterprises. The application of the arm's-length principle may follow a 'three-step' approach prescribed by the Bureau of Internal Revenue BIR under the Regulations, to wit: Taxpayers must keep adequate documentation supporting their transfer prices so that they can defend their transfer pricing analysis, mitigate the risk of transfer pricing adjustments arising from tax examinations, and support their applications for Mutual Agreement Procedure MAP.

There is also a 'contemporaneous' requirement that transfer pricing documents must exist or be brought into existence at the time the taxpayers develop or implement any arrangements that may raise transfer pricing issues. This can generally mean that while transfer pricing documentation is not required to be submitted together with the tax returns, such documents should be retained and submitted to the BIR when required or requested. It is currently available to taxpayers, but the BIR is still in the process of drafting more detailed guidelines. The APA is not mandatory, but may be advisable since the purpose of the APA is to reduce the risk of transfer pricing re-examination and double taxation.

Transactions entered into prior to the Transfer Pricing Regulations becoming effective in February shall be governed by the laws and other administrative issuances prevailing at the time the controlled transactions were entered into. Thin capitalisation There are generally no thin capitalisation rules in the Philippines. Corporate - Tax credits and incentives Foreign tax credit Domestic corporations are allowed to claim a credit for any income taxes paid to a foreign country, provided that the taxes are not claimed as deductions.

Foreign corporations are not allowed foreign tax credits. Credits for foreign taxes are determined on a country-by-country basis. The basis in the stock is how much the taxpayer paid to obtain the stock.

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The capital gain is treated as long-term or short-term depending on whether you owned the shares for longer than a year. Dividend you purchased the stock dividehds different times, divide the dividends into phiilippines and long-term proportionally, based on when each block of stock was acquired. Tax-Free Merger When one company merges with another, both sides liquivating want to avoid recognizing any gain on the transaction. As a result, the tax code allows for tax free mergers, or reorganizations. The SC ruled that gains from the redemption of preferred shares are exempt from Philippine income tax if the provisions of the tax treaty between the Philippines and the US are complied with.

The gains should not be treated as dividends. The company filed an application for treaty relief with the Bureau of Internal Revenue BIR to confirm the tax exemption. After almost two years, the ruling has not been issued and the two-year period to refund was prescribing. Hence, the company filed an administrative claim for refund of the final withholding tax, and shortly, a petition for review with the Court of Tax Appeals CTA.

Upholding the CTA, the SC declared that the cardinal principle is that treaties have the force and effect liquidtaing law. The courts rejected the assertions of the BIR that the gain should be treated and taxed as dividends and should not be covered by the exemption. Meer and Fernando vs. Spouses Lim where the CTA En Banc explained that our Supreme Court had treated the surrender of shares by stockholders in exchange for assets distributed by the dissolved corporations as sale by the stockholder of its shares to the dissolved corporation and any gain derived by said stockholder from such transaction is subject to income tax.

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As a final note, it can be said that our substantive law, as well as court decisions, are consistent with regard to the tax treatment of liquidating dividends. Thus, it is imperative that we apply them accordingly so we can avoid conflicting interpretations moving forward. Carlo John R. This article is for general information purposes only and should not be considered as professional advice to a specific issue or entity.

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