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Teagan Presley Sexual Freak HD Porn

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Teagan Sexual freak

Teagan Presleythis time in a solo tease scene on a white fluffy ottoman in an outfit that accentuated her ffreak and added in some psychedelic effects though not enough to piss me off. His latest movie using this evolved form of porn I'd call it "Celeste modified" or "alt Celeste" but technically those wouldn't fit the bill either is Teagan: Instead of his usual Sxeual style, or the style he uses under the Celeste trademark, he tried to provide something of a cross between the two and make a porno that could incorporate the best of both worlds. Shay has a fresh new look that all the fans are going to be talking about and her initial performance was top notch compared to many of her peers.

Sexual Freak 2. This led to a grudge fuck of sorts where he went down on her thoroughly as both of them pushed the limits of the other. Two Support Our Sponsor: The close ups and editing were a bit too tight at times but she continued to verbalize her control over him as she pumped away as if she were on fire. In terms of lighting and sheer quality of picture, the movie was looking about as solid as anything shot for the company in p HD with the scenes all being distinctively captured in varying styles that again reminded me of the Celeste style Robbie records for the erotica series his main squeeze directs.

After confirmation a gun on him and conditional him up, she sat on his entire as he rethought his theories about captivity. Slope Open 2. Sporting undertaken Jesse Jane:.

They tried some other positions and when she was on top, it fteak to work best although she has a long way to go before reaching the levels of active cocksmanship displayed by Teagan. Sexual Freak 2; a showcase to the hot little contract performer from Houston, TX that gave her three scenes to impress her fans with. He went down on her after that, both of them getting sweaty and ready for the no condom boning. As he tapped away at her pussy, he choked her until her face changed color but she rode him as actively as I've seen her do in any of her recent flicks, marking it as another winner of a scene and the perfect scene to close out with. Teagan Presley was the focus of the interesting 17 minute long Behind the Scenes though Robby got lots of vocal time.

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