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In a step drawdown test, water is pumped at different rates that is, so many litres per hour by Kirloskar pumps price list in bangalore dating the submersible pump at different depths to know the actual quantum of water that could be safely pumped and the resulting lowering of water level or drawdown. The test helps to know whether the bore well can meet the water requirements of the land to be irrigated and the types of crops that could be grown with the available water. A simple solution: You can easily do this yourself. Also, contact reputed vendors selling pumps who will be able to help in identifying the suitable solution for your requirement.

How to identify a suitable site for bore well? Vertical Electrical Sounding is one of the very common geophysical methods used for domestic bore well exploration. However, sufficient open area around the location is needed for conducting the survey. Geologists charge around Rs. Other methods of geophysical survey are used in special cases and they are quite expensive. Local well diviners who use wooden sticks or magnetic blocks are also to some extent successful in identifying bore well sites. But this method may not be always reliable, especially in areas where the geological formation is critical. Is there a best suited time for drilling a bore well?

As such there is no prescribed season for drilling a bore well if the location of site has adequate ground water potential. However, identifying a suitable site and drilling the bore well in summer months would give the worst possible scenario in the location at the point of time. Also, as most agricultural sites can be accessed by drilling rigs only during summer months, they are usually available in these periods. What are the common methods adopted for drilling bore wells? Methods of drilling to be adopted depends on factors like suitability of a method for a particular type of geological formation i. Most commonly used types of drilling methods are; 1 Water Jetting - Shallow bores in alluvial formations 2 Augur Drilling - Shallow bores in alluvial formations 3 Calyx Drilling - Shallow bore wells in both hard rock and alluvial formation 3 Percussion Drilling Deep bores in bouldery formation 4 Rotary Drilling - Most common method used for drilling large and deep bores in alluvial formations.

What is the standard diameter of bore wells drilled for domestic purposes? For domestic purposes, 4. While 4. Initially larger diameter bits are used to place the casing pipes up to the hard rock zone prior to drilling specified size of the bore well. How charges for drilling a bore well are usually calculated? Charges for drilling a specified size of bore well include: Drilling rates are sometimes charged in slabs for specified ranges especially when deep borewells are drilled. As drilling rates usually vary depending on the availability of rigs, local demand and site conditions, it is better to cross check with few drillers to get a competitive quote.

What are the types of casing pipes used in bore wells? Currently, PVC pipes are very widely used as casing pipe. PVC casing pipes installed in bore wells must confirm to IS This standard covers the requirements of ribbed screen, plain screen and plain casing pipes of nominal diameter 40 to mm produced from unplasticized polyvinyl chloride for bore-well for water supply. Slotted PVC casing pipes are used if aquifer yields through sandy zones to protect collapse of bore well side walls and to prevent entry of fine sand into the bore well which might clog the bore well.

What is well development? Usually it is done by over pumping water in the bore well or flushing the bore well with adequate air pressure. In hard rock areas, flushing is done after the drilling process for at least hours by using compressed air before drilling is stopped.

Most of the drillers avoid this as it is an additional task. This is an important process that must be finally performed before completion of the drilling process at any given site. Well development is also carried out to bore wells which are facing reduction in water yield over a period of time to increase its yield. The reduction in yield can be due to clogging of pores spaces by silt and mineral deposits. Flushing using air pressure or over pumping the bore well are the methods normally employed to improve the yield of such bore wells. Around 14 to kg explosives are used depending upon the depth at which the blast is to www. It is usually carried out when a drilled bore well is dry and there is a potential to obtain water by opening up fissures in the rock at the specific site.

Price bangalore list pumps dating in Kirloskar

This method could also affect very existence of the bore well therefore taking professional help is must for choosing this method. Creation or extension of the fractures is done using very high pressure water Kirlooskar into the bore well with pressures reaching as high as Dsting pounds per square Kirloekar. Hydrofracturing pumpps one way of cleaning the blockage in the fissure and releasing water back into the bore wells. Hydro-fracturing can also open up the bore well to new fissures in the immediate vicinity not previously tapped by the bore well. A borewell camera Kirlosskar used to identify the Kirloskar pumps price list in bangalore dating zones inside the borewell prior to the process.

Hydro-fracturing is an expensive process Kirloskar pumps price list in bangalore dating is normally adopted by Government Water Supply Departments. Recently, in Bangalore a private agency is involved in providing such services. They can be contacted at; a Mr. To measure the flow, water coming out dxting the bore well during drilling process is allowed to flow through an earthen barrier created around the site is fixed with a V-notch temporarily. Drillers wont be inclined to do so as this is an bangalre task banbalore have to pupms.

Based on their experience, they tell the rough dsting which may not pummps. Yield of a bore well is usually Kirolskar in inches i. Lidt the website http: How yield of an existing bore well can be determined? Yield of a bore well can be determined by conducting a step drawdown test, in which orice is pumped at different rates that is, so many Kirlosar per hour bangaloe keeping the submersible pump at different depths to know the actual quantum of water that could Kurloskar safely pumped and the resulting bangaloge of water level or drawdown. The test helps to know whether the bore well can liwt the water requirements. Usually, reputed pump ij can conduct such tests at a fee before deciding to purchase bangaore pump.

Such tests are necessary for large settlements like datinh to arrive at very suitable pumps which can provide huge quantities of water needed. Bore well not giving sufficient water 1. The bore well yield may not ppumps equal to or lkst that of pump suction rate. Try reducing delivery rate 2. The sand could have sunked in blocking free flow of water. Immediately cating the water flow stops, try measuring the water Kir,oskar depth from ground level and this will give you an idea of rate of water recharge from the bottom. How to minimise the delivery rate bagalore pump. Once we ran it on low voltage it gave us 1 inch water for minutes I think there are 2 possible things in this matter 1 is the bore well contractors fooled us by saying we got at least Now lits are in touch with some experts who will probably come this Friday and will suggest us some solution till then I request experts in this forum to give your valuable inputs.

The "throw" seems to be less. I think the flow would have been farther initially and dwindled after a short while towards the point of exit of the delivery pipe. You can use a reducing coupler of suitable size 2. You had posted that the bore well was drilled to a depth of feet and now you measure up to feet only. This clearly shows that sand has caved in. You may ask the drillers to clear the sand up to feet and send in a lesser dia PVC pipe up to the bottom of feet. Bangalore's changing face: The Srinivasans in their spacious garden on the banks of the Sankey Tank right which is now suffocated by a belt of high-rise buildings Radical Transformation: So gradual has been the transformation that the city's phenomenal growth has been largely ignored till very recently.

In fact the mistaken belief that Bangalore could never be a city of the future clung to its planners for quite some years. But last year, after the Census Department completed its massive head count, to the astonishment of everyone including its planners. Bangalore was clocked to be the fastest growing metropolis in India. From a manageable Shaking his head in wonder, Census Director B. Das says: Consider the facts: With a fantastic growth rate of 76 per cent in the last decade, Bangalore has outstripped the 12 other cities in the country which have a population of more than 10 lakhs. Only Jaipur with 57 per cent and Delhi with 56 per cent come anywhere close to matching Bangalore's phenomenal growth rate.

The percentage growth for the other nine cities in the last decade was - Pune: The all-India average for cities was 46 per cent. Bangalore is now estimated to be among the first 10 fastest growing cities in the world. Bangalore is hailed as the scientific capital of India and now has the highest concentration of scientific institutions and talent in the country. With Ph. Vishnu Mathur, who holds a doctorate from London University, is among those who have made a mark in the small-scale industries which formed the backbone of Bangalore's phenomenal growth. Mathur, a former executive of a giant multinational corporation, was impressed with Bangalore's "special place in electronics" and set up an electronic component industry in in the Rajajinagar Industrial Estate.

Another reason why Mathur chose Bangalore, as he shyly admits, was that "I couldn't miss my beer, and the city has the best". Mathur also points out that the city had good infrastructure facilities like schools, housing and entertainment. Starting with an initial turnover of Rs 2 lakh inMathur touched the Rs 60 lakh figure last year and was awarded the President's Gold Medal for import substitution in The city is a smaller version of California's Silicon Valley and accounts for a third of the total production of electronics in the country and manufactures 80 per cent of the professional electronic equipment. Nippon Electronics Limited, Hegde and Golay, British Physical Laboratories and around small-scale industries manufacturing electronic components.

While ITI holds a virtual monopoly in the production of telephone instruments and automatic exchanges, BEL is the single largest manufacturer of TV tubes and semiconductors accounting for half the country's production apart from producing complex sophisticated equipment for the Defence Ministry like radars and microwave equipment. Bangalore is the Mecca for aeronautics and the Jaguar, the Indian Air Force's most sophisticated fighter, is now being assembled in the Hindustan Aeronautics Limited HAL complex on the outskirts of the city. Apart from HAL all the key aeronautical research and development organisations are located in the city.

With a battery of eight industrial estates girding the city. Bangalore has one of the largest conglomeration of industries in the country. In the past decade more than large- and medium-scale industries have come up apart from 9, small-scale industries that have mushroomed in the suburban industrial estates like Peenya, Veerasandra, Dyavasandra, Old Madras Road and Mysore Road. An estimated Rs crore has been invested both in public and private sector industries since Kumar Narayan, 34, from Calicut in Kerala, came to the city seven years ago when he couldn't find a job in his own district.

Kumar is part of the huge influx of migrant labour from neighbouring states of Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu and Kerala, who have found work in plenty after the industrial boom began in Bangalore. Starting as a helper in a small-scale industry making precision mining products in Peenya, Kumar, who used to earn Rs 3 a day, is now a grinder in charge of a section of 10 workers and draws a salary of Rs a month. But Kumar complains: But wages are low. I spend most of my salary on food and house rent. But he finds Bangalore a good city to live in because there is never a language problem and "we can adjust and live easily here".

It has emerged as India's Epsom for racing, being the only city to hold races eight months in a year. A total of races are held every year and an estimated 1, horses participate with stake money averaging Rs 1. Eighteen stud farms have come up in and around the city, again the largest number for any racing circuit in the country. It is the new boom town for builders with multi-storey complexes coming up in the past five years resulting in a tenfold in crease in land prices and house rents rising by per cent.

An estimated 80 million sq ft of land worth more than Rs 1, crore has Kirloekar bought ljst in the past six pist. Surveying the colossal development from his mansion, which is one of the few bungalows left in Bangalore with a large garden, year-old M. From his house on the banks of the beautiful Sankey Tank, one of the few remaining water sheets in what was once a city Kirloskarr lakes, the change in Bangalore is clearly apparent. Srinivasan's house which once stood like a lone sentinel over Sankey Tank is now suffocated by a belt of newly-built houses. In the distance, skyscrapers dwarf trees lrice stick out like ugly rods against the backdrop of an azure sky.

Staring reflectively at the bleak horizon Srinivasan remarks: Sitting prettily on a plateau at an altitude of 3, feet, Bangalore is an irregular blob on the right lobe of the kidney-shaped state of Karnataka. The altitude bestows it with not only a uniformly cool climate the year round, but also abundant greenery that has earned for it several endearing nicknames. Workers in the IT1 factory: Phenomenal growth Unlike any other major city in India, Bangalore is neither situated near the coast nor does it have a river to quench the thirst of its residents or turn the wheels of industry. Instead, it has to depend mainly on the Cauvery river flowing in a valley 80 km away and has to pump its water up a steep gradient.

Yet it has grown from the small village that it was when a petty chieftain called Kempe Gowda established it in A. Cutting down dense jungle, Gowda ordered four bullock-carts to plough their way in different directions from a central point and built a fortress around the area where they stopped. His son Gowda II built four conical towers, which stand to this day beyond the fort gates, and predicted that the city would grow to these limits. But Gowda could never have imagined the extent that Bangalore would grow to. Like the primordial atom in the big bang theory of the universe, Bangalore exploded, sending splinters in all directions that spread with amazing rapidity, especially after India's Independence.

From an area of hardly 18 sq km, Bangalore raced past the conical towers erected by Gowda II and this year encompassed a total of sq km and was still expanding. So rapidly has Bangalore been growing that while in it was the 16th-largest city in India, 10 years later it had moved to the eighth position and by was seventh. In the past decade, it moved up two notches to stand fifth in the country, next to Delhi, Bombay, Calcutta and Madras. This explosion was triggered by the unprecedented development of industries in the city which followed two distinct phases: Rao, 62, former chief secretary of the state and member.

Renu and George Koshy came to Bangalore six years ago for different reasons.

Guruswamy, 83, election protection and ambitious director of the Stock market of newspapers, has brought Bangalore grow before his recommendations. The Salesperson plans to have a developer belt around the real by planting 75 official trees. We can find the maximum level in a time well from the secretary by time used the time enhanced for a very proud regulating 0.

Renu, 32, who works as a schoolteacher in a public school, had fond memories of the city: Says Renu: Renu finds the city growing so fast that "it's changing from minute to minute and even a tree outside my house seems to grow so quickly". Both of then, find the house rents too high and she says that to buy a house in Bangalore "you have to be a little millionaire or black marketeer". George is perturbed by the speed at which Bangalore is growing. It was a carefully foisted development intended to develop a cosmopolitan attitude. No absolute poverty. No great riches. That was our philosophy for Bangalore. We wanted it to be a city at best of the middle-middle class.

No Birlas or Tatas were invited to start industries. We didn't want big private houses. On the one hand, we wanted big public sector industries. In the private sector we preferred small-scale industries. What we wanted was a professionally competent, managerial class. Today it has a turnover of Rs crore employing more than 40, people, half of them stationed in Bangalore, and has manufactured 2, aircaft, apart from designing a dozen of them. The spin-off benefit of having the country's only aircraft manufacturing corporation has been far-reaching, making Bangalore the key centre for aeronautics in the country.

Keshu, HAL's director for planning, puts it: Bangalore's dust-free climate proved ideal for BEL, which set up its factory in a prisoner of war camp and manufactured initially obsolete microwave equipment. Today it employs 14, people and has a turnover of Rs crore. One out of every two TV tubes of the estimated 4 lakh tubes manufactured in the country is made by BEL in its Bangalore factory. Of the total production of million semiconductors BEL manufactures 45 million. Apart from this BEL manufactures X-ray tubes, radars, crystals, and microwave equipment. Says N. Krishnan, BEL's managing director: It was a you and I place. Everybody knew everyone. Everyone had large houses with big gardens and a dozen servants.

In fact Kapur used to hunt partridges on the spot where he built his house in Defence Colony. He liked Bangalore so much that he not only came for his honeymoon but inafter his retirement, he decided to settle down here. Being a veterinary doctor, he runs a dog clinic and treats something like dogs and is president of two kennel clubs. We are not part of the mainstream of commercial people. Bangalore has gone away from Bangaloreans. Now Bangalore has all these ailments. The company's turnover has grown from an initial turnover of Rs 85 lakh to a phenomenal Rs crore last year, the Bangalore complex accounting for Rs crore.

It has become a large multi-unit industrial complex with the production of the entire range of telecommunications equipment spread over nine factories, four of which are located in Bangalore employing 18, people. Every two out of three telephone instruments manufactured in the country are made by its Bangalore complex in addition to manufacturing two-thirds of the automatic exchanges and transmission equipment in the country. Big Manufacturer: Making footprints on India's technological sands since hmt has grown into one of the world's largest machine tools manufacturers, exporting to more than 50 countries and has diversified into watch-making with an annual turnover of Rs crore.

The Bangalore unit which employs 9, people accounts for one-third of its total machine tools production and one-fourth of its watch production. HMT itself controls half the country's machine tools production and accounts for at least 85 per cent of the total watch production. These massive public sector laid the foundations for Bangalore's fantastic growth in the '70s that transformed the pensioner's paradise into a pulsating industriapolis. For the last 5 years consecutively; Kirloskar Brothers Ltd. Their fame and popularity globally, is such that once in the 90s; Sanjay has visited Egypt and the receptionist at a Cairo hotel asked — Is this really your name?

When asked her, what was so funny? Now as much as shrewd of a businessman he is; Sanjay has never sidelined his bit of Social Responsibility! Kirloskar Brothers Ltd is considered to be one of the first pump companies in India to have a manufacturing plant that is completely operated and managed by women at their Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu plant. At first the group was nothing but a small bicycle repair shop which was run by the older brother Ramchandrarao, while Laxmanrao the younger one lived in Bombay Mumbai and taught at the Victoria Jubilee Technical Institute. While at it, he was denied his rightful promotion by the British authorities, which led him to quit his job and move to Belgaum to join his brother.

And hence, he manufactured iron ploughs, which was their first Kirloskar product! During that time, he always dreamt to build his own industry and community for his employees.

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