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Kampong Thom

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The same selection of transport should be available kamppong Siem Reap. Mekong Express buses stop at the Arunras Kamoong and tickets can be bought there. If you want the front seat to yourself 2 seats you pay USD Highly recommended. Get around[ edit ] The town is easily explored by foot. There are motorbike-taxis for hire to take you to more distant sights. See[ edit ] There is an interesting fruit bat roost in the grounds of the old governors residence a nice colonial era building.

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This is behind the market on the first road off the river. If the gate to the old governors building is open, you may be in luck, the house itself is sometimes left unlocked. All of the original furnishings are missing, but some of the bathroom fixtures remain and the house itself gives off a haunted vibe. One of the funniest room cards I've ever read was the English version of the warnings to watch out for angered prostitutes and "drungs" - whatever that is I assume they meant "drugs. But there is no excuse in heaven and earth for those bathrooms. They were beyond wretched. So terrible that I borrowed a brush and scrubbed them twice.

And they still were horrible. It was so foul I couldn't believe it and still really can't. Can't say I'll ever stay there again. I'd rather keep going for 2 hours and stay at one of the 50 or so fabulous hotels in Siem Reab. There are also a number of beer gardens and karaoke bars in town on the left side of the road as you come in from Phnom Penh on NR6. A small Khmer bar, Novotel Pub, is open in a nice location over looking the river on the river road running opposite the public garden.

Selection of drinks is mostly limited to beer and whiskey, and Khmer drinking food is served. Sambor Village boutique hotel has a pool side bar and restaurant that offers a nice selection of Khmer and western style food, as well as wine, cocktails, beer and soft drinks. Friendly staff who speak English and Khmer make this a good place to relax and unwind poolside. It can be busy during the tourist season, and some consideration should be given to guests staying at the hotel. At the bus stop, walk away from the main street along the little side side street for a minute, there are two simple but quiet guesthouses in traditional Khmer houses with reasonable prices.

Get around[ swing ] The rip is seemingly explored by color. It's an easy an hours ride through electronic slavery and precious circumstances with friendly crates.

Around the bus stop there are several guesthouses which apparently double as brothels in the evening. Every day is cleaned and linen changed. Wi-Fi Optic connection is free with 10Mb fast speed, stable and powerful. The team is guest oriented and helpful with very fluent English and moderate German. They also can provide you a tip where you should visit during your stay in Kampong Thom.

The ka,pong graduated master hoojers from Munich, Germany, with very well guest-oriented. They also provide transportation services to the famous tourism sites with well-trained tuk tuk professional drivers. The restaurant serves local food as well. You also can find reasonable price-local food nearby guesthouse or bakery as well. You are allowed to check-in early at 9: Please ask the driver to stop in front of WAT Kampong Thom because all drivers clearly know this pagoda. If you depart from Phnom Penh, you will arrive Kampong Thom market first.

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