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I called Broken arrow sex offender web site. slideshows tyler mom, and within two hours she was at my doorstep. I was just devastated. Accepting the possibility of having cancer was tough for Jennifer. I ate healthfully and I exercised regularly. So to be diagnosed with something so life-threatening and major; it flipped my world. There was no way this was happening to me. Everything was going so well in my life. I was in love, I had a great job, I thought I was invincible. I was faced with something I never thought would or could ever happen to me.

On camera, she was the consummate reporter turned news anchor. And so it was stunning to many of us when we first heard her story. She has become a source of support, compassion, and information, and as so many of you have expressed, she has in fact become a hero. It all began two years ago in October, when Tyler and the rest of the nation were awash in pink. October is Breast Cancer Awareness month, and each year, cancer survivors, healthcare professionals and advocates remind us to acknowledge this is this going to affect my job?

That was a big one. I love my job. I have worked hard to get to where I am. Originally from Illinois, she graduated from high school in McKinney, Texas. I was really involved in the student television center. Looking back, I was horrible! But it was so much fun, and I loved going to class every day. I just knew — this is what I was meant to do.

I sige. so excited to get started, so anxious to get a job! Within a year, I was the weekend anchor in Wausau, and I got the job here five years ago weekend anchor. Within a few years, I moved up to the main anchor job. After interviewing with KeTK, she made the move back to Texas. But the news of her diagnosis threatened all that she had worked so hard to achieve. Knowing that I was about to go through some huge physical changes, had me really worried if it would affect my job. In the first weeks of her battle with cancer, Jennifer told few friends and coworkers about her diagnosis.

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