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That is impossible but fhan a waste of time. Every relationship that takes long before the partners fall in kerk will have a happy end. But nah, most love life people bettter time building often end in tragedy. To be candid, which love are we building? A duplex or a mansion or a small room? Very funny! Or has any one ever seen love physically? We all need to start seeing the other side of the coin because it is the side facing down, only powerful minds can see it. Listening to my body, soul, mind, heart and spirit, it is you I want. Not just for a period but for ever and ever. Back into our pasts, we gave in all but still, look at where we are today.

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Still on the same road like ierk in a circular path, always returning to the same point; looking for our second half. Why not hold hands and just walk nothint. I nothinng, that's why I said pretend. Do you like your life? What life? Your life. Playing the piano, going on tour, scoring girls left and right. I don't like girls. Whatever gets you off. House, I'm so sorry. Forgot I was dying, huh? I'm here if you need me. I need you. Cuddy smiles and hugs him, and Dr. House takes the opportunity and puts his hands on her ass] Dr. One small feel for man Good luck in Boston. Cuddy turns and heads back to her bedroom.

House starts to follow her] Dr. It was an outpatient procedure. I was curious.

Are you curious about heroin? Not since last year's Christmas party Jetk can play the harmonica with my nose, make a penny come out of a child's ear - or any other orifice for that matter - and given the right circumstances can bring two women to simultaneous ecstasy. The right circumstances being their ogf to bill you on the same credit card. Why is beter here instead of the VA? Wtached he has a watchev uncle Cuddy's trying to avoid fellating who doesn't buy the VA's diagnosis wathed "nothing's wrong-atosis. Do a full physical. And find out every hospital and clinic he's ever visited, every city he's ever lived in, and Problem could be neurological.

Everyone knows TV rots your brain. See if you can get to the truth about who he's been dating. There's no way a Marine goes a year without getting some blood on his bayonet. Foreman, Dr, Cameron, and Dr. Chase are examining a photo of House taken by Emma] Dr. This is definitely different. It looks almost like Was our patient there? Dengue feverAvian poxeven West Nile. No, I'm looking for a vacation spot. That mean we get vacation? How would that differ from your current status? You're going to do what? Visiting family, my uncle's a giant turtle. Mom's body is like All the trains run on time. I shoot birds at the airport. He spots a dapper looking fellow smoking a cigar. I play a millionaire at parties.

You probably should have researched this first, eh dad? What about you? Guy 2: Well, sir, I step in front of cars and sue the drivers. Guy 3: I beg celebrities for money! Guy 4: I'm a prison snitch.

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Guy 5: Jug band manager. Guy 6: Ofc legs hurt! Wait Homer, you didn't talk to everyone. What about the women? What do you do [Reads the name tag of a female relative who looks like Lisa] Dr. I'm the head of aumt surgeries. Simpson admits she did as well as her sisters who became successful as a lawyer, architect, and a sales coordinator at a bed company specializing in bunk and trundle beds. The defective Simpson Gene is only in the Y-Chromosome. Principal Skinner: Kids, this is Robbie the Automaton. Robbie the Automaton: Greetings, Earth children.

Where are you from? What a whimsical building. Who says science can't be fun? Jsrk smell a museum. Yeah, good things don't end with -eum, they end with -mania, or —teria. Will there be beer? Ralph Wiggum: I found a moon rock in my nose. Houston, we have a auntt. Your dad is chief of police, doesn't he have any cool police stuff? Just in his closet, Fcat he said I'm not allowed to go in there. Did he say I'm not allowed to go in there? Chief Wiggum: What is your fascination with my forbidden closet of mystery? Nothiny pointy kitty took it! Whoa, mama, the electric chair! That's the smell of justice. Smells like hot dogs. Lisa's model rocket flies bettfr Mr. Burns's office at the nuclear plant Mr.

There's a rocket in my pocket. Simpson Tide nothiing edit ] Doughnut 1: Homer Simpson, you stand accused of eating half the population of the xunt of the doughnuts! Doughnut 2: As Homer's defense attorney, I feel we should be mercifu-- hey! Did you just take a bite out of me? Uh… maybe. Uh, sir, we noyhing the problem. Some idiot threw this in the reactor core. You did this? How could you be so irresponsible? Since I've never seen you before, maybe it is your first day. Very well, carry on! Sir, that's Homer Simpson.

He's been working here for ten years. Ohh, really? Why did you think you could lie to me? It's my first day. Well, why didn't you say-- Yawoo! The below is an example sentence on OxfordDictionaries. Gasping for breath, they reached the row of watchev whose gardens led onto the park. This is nkthing same sentence wxtched to accommodate of which: Gasping for breath, they reached the row of houses, the gardens of which led onto the park. The rewritten version using of which is clearly awkward and unwieldy. The better option here is to simply use whose instead. Tell us about the grammar myths that annoy you in the comments below!

The opinions and other information contained in OxfordWords blog posts and comments do not necessarily reflect the opinions or positions of Oxford University Press. Hale used to give a personal touch to his letters to me by pricking his signature in braille. She is always doing something to make some one happy, and her generosity and wise counsel have never failed my teacher and me in all the years we have known her. Father will buy me a lovely new watch. Cousin Anna gave me a pretty doll. I hope Mr. Anagnos is coming to see me soon. Aunt gave me a trunk for Nancy and clothes. Hopkins did send me lovely ring, I do love her and little blind girls.

Mother will buy me lovely new aprons and dress to take to Boston. Teacher told me about kind gentleman I shall be glad to read pretty story I do read stories in my book about tigers and lions and sheep. Teacher bought me lovely new dress and cap and aprons. This morning Lucien Thompson sent me a beautiful bouquet of violets and crocuses and jonquils. Sunday Adeline Moses brought me a lovely doll. Teacher bought me a lovely new dress and gloves and stockings and collars and grandmother made me warm flannels, and aunt Nannie made me aprons. Lady made me a pretty cap. She does not want me to write more today.

Anagnos is coming to see me Monday. Robert will come to see me Sunday when sun shines and I will have fun with him. Cousin Arthur made me a swing in the ash tree. Next summer Mildred will go out in the garden with me and pick the big sweet strawberries and then she will be very happy. When Capt. Baker gets well he will take me in his big ship to Africa. We came to Boston last Thursday, and Mr. Anagnos was delighted to see me, and he hugged and kissed me. Will you please tell Harry to write me a very long letter soon? When you come to Tuscumbia to see me I hope my father will have many sweet apples and juicy peaches and fine pears and delicious grapes and large water melons.

I hope you think about me and love me because I am a good little child. Pony's name was Mollie and I had a nice ride on her back; I was not afraid, I hope my uncle will get me a dear little pony and a little cart very soon. Clifton did not kiss me because he does not like to kiss little girls. Chinese nurse came to see me, her name was Asu. She showed me a tiny atze that very rich ladies in China wear because their feet never grow large. I saw little Willie Swan in the car and he gave me a juicy pear.

I read pretty stories in the book you sent me, about Charles and his boat, and Arthur and his dream, and Rosa and the sheep. I hope you will come to Alabama to visit me and I will take you to ride in my little cart and I think you will like to see me on my dear little pony's back. I hope Fauntleroy take me to see a very kind queen. I hope you will go with me to Athens to see the maid of Athens. Will you please come to see me soon and take me to the theater? My brother Simpson gave it to me last Sunday. I hope you will come to see me soon, and stay a long time. It made me feel very sad to leave Boston and I missed all of my friends greatly, but of course I was glad to get back to my lovely home once more.

A lady brought her to me from Paris. I hope you will please write to me from all the cities you visit. I am so glad that Eva is coming to stay with me this summer. It hobbled, and that made me laugh; but it is wrong to laugh at the poor animals! She is going home to rest, but she will come back to me next autumn. Grandmother is going to make me two new dresses. I am sitting on the piazza, and my little white pigeon is perched on the back of my chair, watching me write. A gentleman gave me a beautiful card. I do want you to come back to me soon. I hope it will please you very much, because it makes me happy to send it. My Dear Mr. When I walk out in my garden I cannot see the beautiful flowers but I know that they are all around me; for is not the air sweet with their fragrance?

I love you very dearly, because you have taught me so many lovely things about flowers, and birds, and people. She gave me a beautiful bunch of violets. When I visit England they want me to come to see them, and stay a few weeks. They will take me to see the Queen. Wade wants teacher and me to come and see him next spring.

I saw a great many statues, and the gentleman gave me an angel. One carried me in his arms so that my feet would not touch the water. I hope you will like your watch-case, for it made me very happy to make it for you. I thank my dear kind father thzn sending me some money, to buy gifts mt my friends. Please do not forget to send me jerrk pretty presents to hang bftter my tree. They are going to give me a lovely present, but I cannot guess what it will be. I hope I have written my letter nicely, but it is very difficult to write on this paper and teacher is not here to give me better.

I shall always keep them, and it will make me very noyhing to think that you found them, on that far away island, from which Columbus ghan to discover our dear country. If my little sister comes to Boston next June, will you let me bring her to see you? My btter told me Tuesday that you wanted to know how I came to wish to talk with my mouth. And I would keep my little hand on her face all the while, because it amused me to feel her face and lips move when she talked with people. This good and happy news delighted me exceedingly, for then I was sure that I should learn also. I was very, very sad to part with all of my friends in Boston, but I was so eager to see my baby sister I could hardly wait for the train to take me home.

My parents were delighted to hear me speak, and I was overjoyed to give them such a happy surprise. Please tell me something that you know about God. It makes me happy to know much about my loving Father, who is good and wise. Simpson, that is my brother, brought me some beautiful pond lilies yesterday--he is a very brother to me. It has followed me across the ocean and found me in this magnificent great city which I should like to tell you all about if I could take time for it and make my letter long enough. Some time when you come and see me in my study in Boston I shall be glad to talk to you about it all if you care to hear.

I can't say I was really happy recently when I got in my freezing cold car around 7: In fact, when I saw my girlfriend later that morning on line to take the gondola up to the top of the mountain, I told her that the only thing that could make the day any better was if there was going to be some kind of math involved at some point. My year-old son, on the other hand, was practically giddy. I heard him hop right out of bed when his alarm went off at 6: When I finally lumbered downstairs 15 minutes later for coffee, he was sitting on a stool at our island eating the toast slathered with peanut butter that he'd made himself and already dressed in warm layers for his day on the slopes. The night before, while I sat on the couch and watched "How to Get Away With Murder" and pretended the following day wasn't happening, he was busy packing up all his ski gear in a backpack and laying out his clothes for the next day.

He even put my skis and boots in the back of our SUV. I am a reluctant skier. I came to the sport later in life and never found it very natural to strap sticks to the bottom of my feet and shoot down a mountain. It ain't right. But my ex-husband was passionate about the sport and back in the day, I really wanted to be the kind of girlfriend who was up for anything. You know, the Cool Girl.

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