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Girl’s Day SoJin Autumn Photoshoot Behind-the-Scene

However, Sojin herself has gone that the recent is not experiencing but rather on websites. I'm consent this so that our DAI5Ys won't be brought and worried about the treasury that I'll be removed with a new office. That was Sojin.

I know Hyeri as well because she acts in dramas and Vay am more into kdramas than Kpop. In terms of acting capabilities judging from the projects in which I saw the girls in, the strongest is Minah and the weakest is Yura. If she can get her hands on a good song with her voice she can shine brightly so I am confused about her decision to pursue acting. I also previously saw Yura in a drama as well.

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We all know some groups do this but its not nice to eojin people fake hope when you know well your group is over… Share this story to all your chingus. Now, I must start the not-easy part. Thank you. Fans would love for the girls to continue promoting as a group together but wish them the best if they decided to promote as soloists only from now on. Since the moment Girl's Day began, and until today, the members and I have talked a lot with each other and cared for each other, and even while I was deciding on a new company, they thought over the decision with me, and I'm grateful for the members who've always helped me in making a good decision.

What do you think of this? I pray and hope that each member, including myself, will spend time doing their best in their respective positions so that the day can arrive when we can deliver welcoming news through a good opportunity. She took to her Instagram and wrote a lengthy letter to fans. Please love me till the end. However, I don't think Girl's Day has come to an end; we're just putting it on pause, and while it may take a long time, please wait until the day we can be together again.

What do you make of this. One was Sojin.

As to the group: Now, I will start a new, different story of mine as "Park Sojin. However, Sojin herself has confirmed that the group is not disbanding but rather on hiatus. I hope they will be clear with their fans and honest! This was Sojin. You can read it below. I was able to come this far because all of you were there and because I've earned the opportunity and courage to take on a challenge, I'll repay your love by spending the time fruitfully.

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