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Roskilde Festival

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The campsite is further divided into 'agoras' that provide toilets, cell phone charging and luggage storage. Once this is complete, the remaining guest in the back area are free to enter the camping area.

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Before the accident inRoskilde Festival was considered one of the safest festivals. In addition to climate benefits, the research represents a substantial export potential.

Roskilde Hvad er en date

Rosklde of people arrive during Saturday some even arrive several days beforeto wait in the queue until At Thus the camping site was dtae in and again in They also host events according to each agora's theme: The more extreme political parties will probably be weakened because mainstream parties will have realised that they need to be more in line with the population. In Denmark, it is also about relaxing, feeling at home and being part of a community. Campsite[ edit ] The festival campsite covers nearly 80 hectares and access to it is included in the ticket price. These nine victims died when they were crushed as the crowd rushed toward the stage.

As crowd surfing seems to have been among the precipitating factors, it was subsequently forbidden across most festivals in Europe. News Populism will be roskildd by the mainstream parties We can expect a return to a more normal political situation in Europe in a few years, according to a political scientist at Roskilde University. The festival officially opened with a memorial to those killed in Pearl Jam's song " Love Boat Captain " references the tragedy with the line "Lost nine friends we'll never know

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