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Feature aggregate and usage In insufficiency to classify the EEG mandates obtained in each other, a feature called AMd reduced to the currency between the attention constituent and the expiration value was drawn, as described in equation 1: Choice 8. For insecurity, Mobecs [13] differences a client which happens on detecting smart or indirectly emergency students for people with quality or stressors disabilities.

Figure 2. Electrodes position. The data gathered during the experiment helped to ascertain a more accurate system by comparing healthy Ing en comunicaciones y electronica yahoo dating from the ones with cognitive disabilities. The subjects numbered 1 to 5 are in their thirties and with no mental disability diagnosed. These subjects are studying for practicing varying jobs, such as engineering in information technology, informatics and design. The subjects 1, 2 and 3 were male and subjects 4 and 5 were female. The subjects 6 to 10 are in their twenties with mental disabilities with 2 Down syndrome and 3 Autism patients. These subjects assisted daily to a care institution and all of them are males.

The subjects were tested by analyzing their mental states while inducing attention Stroop effect [21] and meditation music and light. Some of the colours like blue and red represented meditation and concentration respectively. Additionally the same colour was displayed in computer PC screen for helping to radiate the colour in the entire room. The subjects were divided in two groups, one with, and the other without cognitive disabilities. The subjects were sat comfortably in a chair wearing Myndplay Brainband [22] on their heads. To enhance experimental control, part of the study was conducted with one participant at a time and the test was lead in a room of nine square meters.

The Brainband was placed over the pre-frontal cortex with the electrodes placed two centimeter above the eyebrow Figure 2. The Attention Test consisted of designing two different tasks to be executed by individuals suffering from cognitive disabilities and another task to be executed by individuals not having cognitive disabilities. The first task, as mentioned before, was using a tool called the Stroop effect which requires attention when executing it. This test consists in saying the name of a colour written in a paper which is painted by another colour e.

The second task was to play the classic game called find 'Waldo'. For the subject with cognitive disabilities they were required to look at a book of interest. Meditation Test: The Meditation Test consisted in playing some relaxation music created by a Danish composer Niels Eje [23] and using blue light colour. The test duration was 7 minutes, same length as the song. Architecture Ambient prototype is a system which is composed of five elements. These elements Figure 4 are: All these devices communicated using Bluetooth protocol within a range of 10 meters.

The ideal prototype was thought to communicate using Bluetooth Low Energy due to its characteristics in range and power consumption. This diagram Figure 3 presents the data flow through various components and it starts with the user wearing sensors like EEG, Heart Rate and Skin Conductance. Following the arrows direction, all the data gathered by the sensors is processed and filtered. After the emotional state is extracted, classified and finally uploaded to a data base where the physician or caretaker can access and monitor it. Also a threshold is set in order to warn a caregiver and to make the environment react with a visual and auditive stimulus. Figure 3. Diagram presents the data flow through various components.

It is important to note that the threshold programmed on the prototype was set according to total average probability values Table 2 obtained from the experiment. Table 1. Table 2. Shows that the total average values of Attention and Meditation could overlap in some cases. The communication flow in the system architecture Figure 4 starts from the Brainband sending the signal to the Tablet PC. When some values over a threshold are detected, a signal is sent to the light and sound system. Figure 4. System architecture diagram. The system starts up in Normal mode after establishing connection with the sensors devices. In Normal Mode, if the values of attention increase above the threshold according to the eSense [22] scale Table 1the system enters in attention mode and the light and sound corresponding to it start.

If the values recorded after the system has been in attention mode decreases below the threshold, the system goes back to Normal Mode of relaxation.

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Figure 5. Diagrammatic representation that illustrates the sequence of operations of the prototype solution. The same thing happens if the values of Meditation are above or below the threshold, then the system will emits the light and plays the sound corresponding to the datting state detected. Comunicaiones system starts by detecting the devices placed in a person's room according to the Bluetooth protocol. If the devices are detected, so they pair up and the prototype gets in Normal mode, otherwise it attempts to connect again. Software Design and implementation 1 Communication betweenfront-end and light system The communication is only one-way, from Tablet PC to Arduino.

The block marked in light yellow Figure 6 stands for a third party application used in this project. This application is called Amarino [24] and it is used to establish a communication between the two devices. It helped to make fast prototyping and it does not interfere with the application developed in android because it runs in the background. Figure 6. Architecture communication between Ambient Android Application and Arduino.

The Arduino is in charge of processing all messages coming from the Ambient android Ing en comunicaciones y electronica yahoo dating and sends signals via serial communication in order to execute an action. This action of fading colours is done by using the pulse width modulation PWM feature of the microprocessor. The brain signals are detected by the electrode and data is filtered and processed in a module which contains the ThinkGear microprocessor. The data processed can be send as raw data or eSense, which gives values from 0 to The data is then encoded within packets and then transmits over Bluetooth as a serial stream. Figure 7. The application was programmed for Android 4. The background of the application uses a simple blue colour that is not very intrusive so not to attract the eyes of the user away from the icons.

The icons are designed using friendly images trying to represent the intended action making easy to surf through the application. The idea of this design Figure 8 and Figure 9 was to keep the GUI as simple as possible following some of the design consideration like the type of user and Ten Usability Heuristics", created by the usability consultant Jakob Nielsen [25]. Figure 8. Screen shot of the Main Menu Screen. The user has four icons respresenting the main features of this application which are User, Monitoring, Therapy and Emotions. Figure 9. Screen shot of the emotion screen page. Measuring Attention and Mediation Values The brain signals measured with the Brainband are processed by the Myndplay software, and the algorithm eSense is used for this purpose, which outputs two values that represent the probabilities of the processed brain signals corresponding to either attention or meditation mental states.

The eSense values range is from 0 to as is shown in the Table 1. For analyzing and simulating the values of attention and meditation during the time, it was Myndplay software, OriginPro [26], and Matlab that was used In Figure 10 the blue trace represents the mediation state and the red trace the attention state. This plot shows that under the mediation test using music, the values of mediation are higher than the values of attention at several periods of time. This is true for most subjects according to the measurements obtained.

Figure 10 shows these values obtained from the EEG signals recorded under the meditation test for a representative subject. Figure Attention and Meditation values during a meditation test. The Red Cross represents the maximum meditation value. Feature extraction and classification In order to classify the EEG traces obtained in each test, a feature called AMd corresponding to the difference between the attention value and the meditation value was used, as shown in equation 1: In order to have a response from the system, then it is essential to set a threshold for the classification of the EEG signal, which must be either in attention or meditation modes.

These thresholds will make the system react in real-time according to the person's mental state. In our case this threshold was set to zero, meaning: As explained in the section B. Five of them were healthy subjects subject while the other five presenting cognitive disabilities subject The subjects were comfortable sat in a chair wearing Myndplay Brainband. The Brainband was placed in forehead two centimeter above the eyebrow. The persons were asked to execute two different tasks which would require some attention level.

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