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And although dog saliva iwn have some healing properties when it comes to wound licking the risks outweigh the benefits. The belief that dog saliva can help heal wounds goes all the way back to ancient Egyptian times.

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If your dog has had surgery your veterinarian probably already sent you home with an E-collar and instructions on how long to keep it on for. The friction caused by licking can also reopen old wounds by breaking down tissue. That can leave them susceptible to infection and debris, and slow down the healing process altogether. Why do dogs lick their wounds?

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Because it can help promote healing and relive pain. Wound licking can slow down the healing process, and in some cases it can make things much worse by causing infections. And since surgery wounds are often large and deep the chances of infection are pretty high if your dog is allowed to lick the area. And in Armenian culture Aralezes dog-like creatures or spirits descended from the sky to lick the wounds of the fallen so they could resurrect. The Egyptians believed that being licked by a dog, especially on an open wound, helped aid in recovery and cure illnesses.

Incisions can be itchy and irritating, and many dogs will respond by licking or chewing at Lixk affected area. How to Prevent M Dog From Licking Their Wounds When it comes to preventing your dog from licking their wounds you can use an Lik, a bandage, or distraction techniques in the case of minor wounds. The History Behind Wound Licking The belief that wound licking can have some curative effects has been around for ages, and in the past we utilized dogs to help heal some of our own wounds. Dogs have billions of bacteria inside their mouth, and many of them have the potential to cause infections.

And although licking can help the healing process in some wounds it can also cause more harm than good more on that below.

Please share with your friends. In short dogs lick their wounds because it can promote healing and relieve pain. Wound licking can actually slow down the healing process, and in some instances it can cause serious infections.

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