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We consider Benchmark to be a third party data processor see section below. The email address that you submit will not be stored within this website's own database or in any of our internal computer systems. Who is ryan gosling dating history Promotora turistica punta bete sa dating, promotora Turistica Punta Bete This annuity was a main selling point in the sales pitch. Most of all I want to see that money back! If I had known that I never would have paid that money. He told me that Maney had been fired due to his unprofessionalism. The entire contract is based on verbal promises which contradict everything in writing. The sales person, Alberto Rayas brought up the annuity again as a means to offset the cost of this upgrade.

On our second day they had scheduled us to go to their Owners Timeshare Update to become aquainted With what was new and exciting at the Resort. It seemed like a great idea to get the principle back at the end of the term for the timeshare purchase. Should a private investigator be hired? After an hour I was very tired. We agreed and in return They gave us All Inclusive which was wonderful. It had to be wire transferred. It would be enlightening for all the viewers. I wish this scam would get shut down asap. Sincerely, R. Engineer Hello Duke! Happy New Year! Let this year be scamless: Today I received another update on the Executive Property Management scam and am outraged, to say the least.

Same names of the crooks, Malcolm Lovig and Brian Goodwin what a funny choice of sur-names. I would love for you to publish my story. I am not completely sure how to proceed on finding the executive property people and getting all the money back. Should a private investigator be hired?

At the airport we were "invited" for a fully paid tour at the Velas resort, just outside punra the town. The taxi was paid for, the childcare was provided and the breakfast too, of course. We have attended time share presentations before, so were sure there is no way we are actually going to buy one this time Our salesperson was Robert Weinburg, I think. He said, this is not a "regular" time share purchase, this is an investment opportunity. I asked him numerous times in disbelief if this what actually happened all the time and he said, of course, Mexico is the best destination for conferences, etc.

Last I enticed someone, financed at them, told them they were old and that Punga don't love to trading with them anymore and compounded for the health back. Mind by europeans or relatives is charged for the use of this makes.

Of course we have not seen a penny from the promised money. First there was a swine flu, then drug wars in Mexico, turitica economy bad I took my whole family to the Velas resorts at the beginning ofthere were 8 of us. We Promotora turistica punta bete sa dating the "all inclusive" fee for each person and TWO maintenance fees, since we needed two units. I assumed my dues were paid up for two years, but Pgomotora It turned out that the second maintenance payment went to week On that visit, inI was also summoned for the short presentation to pay some silly Promotoga thousand dollars so that my weeks would rent better. I could putna believe my ears!!! I basically told them to go screw themselves and to stop bothering me with stupid non-stop pay-ups!

Of course I still owe all the money for the purchase of the bste share I don't feel like using anymore. This year I was "lucky"! Kind people from Executive Property Management in CA contacted me and offered to pay 26, dollars for the wholesale purchase of my time share! I was so happy! Meagan Schwartz Prmootora a wonderful contact person, who sent me the Purchase offer. A little later it turned out that I had to pay "transfer tax" imposed by Mexican government. It had to be wire transferred. I sent out 3, bucks and started anxiously waiting for my 26, A week had gone by, the people on the other end would not pick the phone up. Eventually I reached someone, yelled at them, told them they were crooks and that I don't want to deal with them anymore and asked for the money back.

I was outraged yet again. I said that I don't print money, and that they could take that out of my "escrow account". I was pleading with all of them to not scam me. I told them I have no money, I have taxes to pay and a daughter to raise. But no, they took all of my money and disappeared Sad but true! Since then, and after finding this "scam site" I called FBI and reported my case with names and dates. I would go on with this if I knew how. I have the time, just don't have the money. I think innocent people should not be ignored with scams like these. If there is anything I could do, I would Thank you for your time! Sincerely, Irina Barsky I do hope something will come out of your efforts.

I've given up hope. Velas and many others would stoop so low just to make the sale. It was definitely the worst decision I ever made. They told me a lot of lies, the man who talked to us said that I can use my week to exchange with HI and I can break it up for a vacation in multiple locations. I found out much too late that that is not true. I bought thinking I would have that benefit which I could not have with my other timeshare only to find out that my other timeshare actually has more flexibility it being a point system. He showed me this confusing computation that meant to do just that.

I even asked the same questions over and over to see if he's consistent and he was. So I thought he was being real but as I started to use it and spoke with HI and Velas the cold reality came out. Did they hook you up with Sierra Rentals too? Because my woes involve them as well.

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