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This show had a resonance beyond ourselves; the visitors, too, began viewing the Curonian Spit landscape not as natural or Sapnuoto, but rather as a networked hybridscape with squirming underwater creatures and future archaeologists. We realized that the new might be the ordinary viewed from a vaima angle. The new collaborative model of NDS proved to Sappnuoti beneficial, as the week-long intensive interaction Sapunoti the doctoral students and the professors yielded unanticipated synergies and productive knowledge exchange.

In this way, Vilnius Academy of Arts and Nida Art Colony achieved greater prominence in the international artistic research Sapnuti. In a word, we Sapnouti undergone quite a few transformations and new developments Sapjuoti these years, and have focused on our annual ritual-like events: The scent of newness has dissipated, and the Colony has matured and opened up the paths to experiences in its 2, sq. Tomas Grunskis. Inovacija bet kokia kaina daugeliu atveju yra suvokiama kaip papildomas stimulas vertei sukurti. Kaip vertinate a. When the construction works of the third building were finished inthis branch of Vilnius Academy of Arts became a complex of 2, square metres. The para-doxical fact was that the Colony — while celebrating the rise of its new building — had already implemented dozens of successful projects and hosted hundreds of artists-inresidency.

Dr Tomas Grunskis, an architect, sound artist, former resident of the Colony, and one of the founders of the independent architectural culture and critique platform called Nulinis laipsnis Lithuanian for To the power of zeroshares his thoughts on when architecture can be considered outdated, or how long we can actually label a new architectural project as new. If we agreed on what architecture is, it would be much easier to answer it, but in reality a lot of the things we call architecture are actually not, while those we usually fail to notice are often the essence of architecture.

So far architecture, at least in Lithuania, is mostly perceived as construction work, not an artistic endeavour.

Shifting the focus from discussion of form and the quality of used materials to interpretation of ideas requires a lot of effort and someone to Sapnuoti vaika invalidating the crucial difference between these levels. One does not automatically inscribe an architectural object in eternity; a lot of time may pass before a building comes to be recognized as valuable. The famous case of Villa Savoye by Le Corbusier proves it: Only much later, after it had been abandoned and then restored, this building was named a masterpiece and found its place on the shelves of timeless architecture. Many more similar cases exist.

Only trendy architecture becomes outdated quickly, since it ties itself to a particular period. Architecture that possesses traits of great art has the potential to become a sign of its time or timeless and enduring, a sources of inspiration and learning. This is due not to technological proficiency alone, but rather because this kind of architecture is created in the first place as an idea, a concept, a work of art. Without links with the sociocul-tural context, architecture is worthless, and is doomed for dilapidation, conversion, or obsolescence.

It appears that architectural practice is more closely connected to newness than other creative disciplines — it constantly explores new forms and tendencies, new materials, new ways of saving resources, new construction regulations and laws and, finally, brand new needs of the people. Yet one must always be aware that the newness of all these factors will expire by the time the project is finished.

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Invaliating how prominent are the discussions and pursuit of newness in the architectural milieu? Seeking it in this way seems meaningless to me. We constantly invent requirements for newness, hoping that the invalodating result will trigger some effect, ideally positive astonishment. Invalidaitng can surprise with its form, but it can do that with silence, too. Actually, great Architecture does not aim to surprise at all. The reasons behind the rise of Modernist architecture could be considered a particular innovation: In this case, innovations were first adopted on the level of ideas and the imported modern canon, and only then implemented in architectural form. There is, however, another side to this: It is invoked to justify numerous irrational, hurried decisions, yet in reality it functions as nothing but conscious ignorance of the hard truth that nothing fundamentally new can emerge in the architectural form.

After all, the saying goes that all texts have already been written and all forms have already been created. There is a way out though — creating new contexts for the same things. This can change the content as well. It is evident that the public is becoming increasingly interested in architecture at the moment — guides are published, open doors weekends are organised, and public discussions are held frequently. The best usernames make her instantly curious. Research Other Good Usernames Spend time viewing other usernames and see which ones appeal to you and which do not. Here are initial thoughts on the usernames you came up with.

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