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To change the update channel for an existing install, proceed as follows: Be sure that Automatically check for androod is checked, then select a channel stuudio the drop-down list see figure 1. Click Apply or OK. Figure 1. The Android Studio Updates preferences. The Delete Unused Android Studio Directories dialog then displays locations, sizes, and last-modified times of these unused directories and provides an androld to delete Upvating. The directories Android Studio Uprating for deletion are listed below: Once downloaded, you can find each package in the directory indicated as the Android SDK Location, shown in figure 2.

If you're not using Android Studio, you can download tools using the sdkmanager command-line tool. When an update is available for a package you already have, a dash appears in the check box next to the package. To update an item or install a new one, click the check box so it shows a checkmark. To uninstall a package, click to clear the check box. Pending updates are indicated in the left column with a download icon. Updated Windows requirements The platform tools now depend on the Windows Universal C Runtime, which is usually installed by default via Windows Update. If you see errors mentioning missing DLLs, you may need to manually fetch and install the runtime package.

Upon disconnection, adb will attempt to reconnect for up to 60 seconds before abandoning a connection. Fix Unicode console output on Windows.

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Thanks to external contributor Spencer Low! Fix a file ftee double-close that can occur, resulting in connections being closed when an adb connect happens simultaneously. Fix adb forward --list when used with more than one device connected. Sort output of adb devices by connection type and device serial. Increase the socket listen backlog to allow for more simulataneous adb commands.

Android studio free Updating

Improve error output for adb connect. Improve output format, add a verbose output mode -v. Clean up help output. Cannot find "AVD manager" in the "Tool" menu: You may not have enough packages needed for Updatinng project. You should have a window with Gradle alert with a link which you can click and you will see a window with a prompt to download missing packages. When all stuff downloaded the "ADV manager" should be enabled. If you get an error message "Fail to find target with hash string 'android'". If you get an error message "Re-download dependencies and sync project requires network ", click the link to download. If the message appears again: Windows Goto "C: Take note the ".

Restart Android Studio. This error is due to poor network condition, resulted in corrupted download. If you encountered error "Emulator: If you encountered error "HAX is not working Take note that: If the problem persists, remove and then re-install. If "Intel virtualization technology" is already enabled, this error is probably caused by your antivirus software. Disable your antivirus for this session and rerun. Use of the SDK by You 4. If the users provide you with user names, passwords, or other login information or personal information, you must make the users aware that the information will be available to your application, and you must provide legally adequate privacy notice and protection for those users.

If your application stores personal or sensitive information provided by users, it must do so securely. If the user provides your application with Google Account information, your application may only use that information to access the user's Google Account when, and for the limited purposes for which, the user has given you permission to do so. Your Developer Credentials 5. Privacy and Information 6. Before any of this information is collected, the SDK will notify you and seek your consent. Add new build variables at a project- or module-level directly from the PSD. Modules Configure properties that are applied to all build variants in an existing module or add new modules to your project from the Modules section.

For example, this is where you can configure defaultConfig properties or manage signing configurations. Dependencies Inspect and visualize each dependency in the dependency graph of your project, as resolved by Gradle during project sync, by following these steps: In the left pane of the PSD, select Dependencies. Depending on the type of dependency you select, you should see a dialog, similar to the one below, that helps you add the dependency to the module.

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