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Brad Feld on Validating Your Startup Idea

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I think. So of course bankers who make decisions off forms will want a document showing you can do forms—the business plan. And then doing it on the streets of Mexico City. This is the problem with art, and indeed with all ideas. Because sometimes the process is the product.

Painting Validating ideas for

And you have to show up to play to know what that means. That sounds pretty fuzzy and risky. This is a question I stayed up many nights asking before deciding I would just have to do it to see. Maybe that story itself is a product I can use to test different answers to the plan, test, or do question. It makes sense to see if I can trouble-shoot silly technical problems with my illustrated books—e. Seuss of community-oriented policing and other forms of humanism.

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If it seems to work and is easy enough, I can publish other things that way, like the illustrated poetry book I think highly of as a work of literature and art. But I get the occasional flash of obvious insight, like how commercial art tends to make people happy just like commercial food tends to sell on the emotions it evokes. People want good food, coffee, sleep, sex, to feel important… And people want to be happy. I slept on my stuckness last night, and awoke with the kind of clarity I rarely get and more rarely share. Founder Validate your startup idea within your target group.

You'll therefore receive a judgement of how your idea is rated by your target audience compared to other ideas. Begin with 1 click It's not always easy to identify potential customers and to ask the right questions. We turn this into a seamless process.

You simply draft your idea, we take care of everything else. In a particular market? What is the title of the buyer? What problems are you solving? So many entrepreneurs think about the product first — they fret about the features, launch the product, and then wonder why their product has trouble getting traction. My suggestion is to start with the problem first. What this means is being explicit about the problems your product solves. By writing down these problems, you can validate whether customers also see them as problems. And more importantly, whether customers think they are problems worth solving.

How does your product solve those problems?

Only after writing down the problem do you move to the product. From here you tie the Vslidating of your product directly back to customer problems. How does solving their problems make their life better? Does it make them more money? Look better? What are the ideass features of the product? The features need to be Valiidating than cool — they need to paintng specific problems. Creating an early feedback group. Create an Early Feedback Group. One of the biggest Valirating from my challenge to validate a Validatinb idea last month was that sharing your work is hard, even for me still. Paunting more people I shared my broad hiking website idea with, the more great things started to happen for me.

Click To Tweet The goal of creating an early feedback group of people who are within your target market, is to make sure that you're building something they'll actually need—and want bad enough to pay for. That's why having customer feedback is so crucial. But, before I could start telling people about my idea and asking them to join my feedback group, I had to at least have a rough idea of what I was pitching them—a guess about the main problem I was seeking to address. Crafting a quick elevator pitch. Here's how I did this in-action with my challenge to validate a business idea related to hiking in California. Click To Tweet With a focus on value, I sat down and wrote out a list of what I thought was missing from current sites that tried to be hiking guides, adventure manuals and general resources for doing cool stuff outdoors in California.

I thought there could be a serious opportunity for having hiking guides and outdoor adventure resources that have a significantly higher quality of images and other content. After 20 minutes of research, I came up with this short elevator pitch that I could customize for each person I'd be reaching out to: Hey [First Name]! Would you be interested in getting updates on this? Is it perfect?

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